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3 Steps to Create an Awesome Book

Workshop: How to Become an Author and Skyrocket Your Credibility (minus the frustration, dead ends, and writer's block)

Why You Haven't Authored a Book (And What To Do About It)

Publishing a book can be a long and tiring process. I know from personal experience with my first book, On Marketing. But as soon as I became an author, it transformed my business...and my life.

I want to help you become an author too—without the pain and frustration I endured. In this 20-minute author workshop, I'll reveal 3 steps you must follow if you want to publish a successful book.

You'll Learn

How to identify your reason for becoming an author—one that will keep you going through the hard parts
What type of book is the best for you
The 3 crucial stages of sitting down and writing your book




Michael is the founder and president of Paperback Expert, a marketing-centric publishing firm that helps financial advisors and other small business owners publish a book to grow their business. If you've thought about writing a book before, but don't know where to start, Paperback Expert can help. While you run your business, an expert publishing team will work with you to create your professionally published book.

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