You Have a Special Story to Tell.
We Help You Tell Your Story
In the Pages of Your Own Book

About you?

Yes, about you. Because you're way more important than us, anyway.

You Have a Book Inside You

Small business owners like you are experts at what they do; they just struggle when it comes to marketing.

You have a story to tell—one that will connect with the heart of your prospect and help you build trust. Isn’t that what happens when you meet someone in your office? Putting your message in a book allows you to enjoy that same result without you being present.

When someone reads your book, it’s like they’re having a conversation with you, except you aren’t there. All of their defenses are down, they’re relaxed and the only message they’re hearing is yours.

As they turn the pages of your book, they feel themselves nodding in agreement, pondering your perspectives and sifting through your suggestions in their mind. By the time they finish, you’ve positioned yourself not only as an expert, but as a trusted advisor and reliable resource who can help them solve the challenges they face.

No other medium allows you this type of intimacy with your prospect. She doesn’t easily discard you from her mind, she finds you beckoning her from her bedroom nightstand or calling to her from the corner of her desk. Your book, like your message, has found a new home in her mind and heart, which causes her to trust you with her future. She knows you’ll never let her down.

Our beliefs are powerful allies. When you’re ready to harness the power of your beliefs through the pages of your own book, let’s talk.

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You Can Become an Author Easily

You don’t have time to write a book, yet you know it’s what you most desire. Follow our process and create the content of your book in less than 24 hours.

By uncovering your core message, our team helps you "Speak-to-Write" your book through a series of recorded phone calls. You can talk about your business all day, we simply allow you to do that in a structured manner that we then edit and format into your book. While you’re doing what you do best, we are too. And in a few weeks, you find yourself holding your own book in your hands.

Then the fun begins. We teach you how to use your book to build trust and grow your business. Using time-tested systems (some of which are fully automated) you’ll become more attractive to prospects, more endearing to customers and more interesting to referrals. You’ll also learn from other Paperback Experts each month as you take your seat at the exclusive Authors Round Table—an authors-only marketing mastermind created specifically with you in mind. It’s an addictive upward growth cycle that begins when you put your name on your own book.

The entire process was created to be as simple as talking with a friend. Who is transcribing your conversation.

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You Want a Guarantee? Here Ya Go!

There are few things in life that come with a guarantee, especially when it comes to marketing. However, based on the success of our authors and the confidence we have in helping you grow your business, we stand behind you 100% of the way and accept all of the risk so you don't have to. We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results you see when you become a Paperback Expert. Here is our easy-to-understand guarantee.

At the end of your first year as a published Paperback Expert, if you believe that the value you have received has not exceeded your investment, then we will give you your money back.

The time has come for you to stop thinking about having your own book. Today is the day to take action and make your dream a reality. Let’s talk about how you can grow your business through the pages of your own book.

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