Case Study: Mike Davidson Boosted Business with His Book

Davidson full body CUMike Davidson is the owner of Parkway Automotive Services in Little Rock, Arkansas. He has run Parkway for almost 20 years now, and has been in the automotive repair industry for over 35 years.

Mike is a prolific marketer who has tried and tested almost every marketing medium imaginable.

In fact, you might say he’s a marketing guru.

When Mike discovered that becoming an author would solidify his credibility and catapult his business to new heights, he knew it was a natural next step.

“I always had the thought that if they had enough content to write a book, then they probably knew what they were talking about. … So to say that if I became an author that it would position me an an expert, well, it just made sense.”

Though the prospect of producing an entire book was initially intimidating, Mike found the process to be much simpler than he had expected. “The first word that comes to my mind is easy. Michael DeLon and his team have the system to make it as easy as speaking—in fact, that’s what you do.”

Mike used a simple author shortcut:


See, most wannabe authors think they have to write their book.

The problem? Most of us hate writing.

Instead of writing, Mike had a Content Creation Interview with the Paperback Expert team. After Mike spoke his content into existence, the transcribing and editing process began. Meanwhile, Mike was able to return to work on his business.

Since his book’s publication in 2012, Mike has leveraged it in numerous marketing efforts:

To solidify his expert status, Mike gives a free copy of Start Me Up to every new Parkway customer. This aids his customer retention efforts, and leads to referrals too.

He asks his best customers to take an extra copy that they can give to a friend.

Copies of the book always sit in Mike’s business lounge for his customers to read while they wait.

Additionally, he places copies in the offices of his doctor and dentist—two other high-traffic areas where people spend much time waiting.

Creative book marketing efforts are right up Mike’s alley. Each year he sponsors a local speech and debate tournament, which attracts hundreds of community members to serve as judges. Mike held a book signing at this event and distributed a copy to every attendee, complete with a special introductory offer for first-time customers.

Mike has also used Start Me Up in his community outreach efforts. He supports the PTA at two local elementary schools during their yearly fundraiser. Everyone who signs up to help the PTA receives a free signed copy of Start Me Up as a bonus. This increases Mike’s  exposure in the community, while also  simultaneously helping a worthy cause.

In all these marketing efforts, Mike knows that the books he distributes aren’t wasted. They will decorate shelves, desks, and coffee tables for years to come:

“No one throws books away. They keep them, and that’s it. When you do anything else in marketing—radio, it’s 30 seconds. TV, it’s 30 seconds. … The lifespan of anything else you’ve done, it’s limited.”

In contrast to one-and-done forms of marketing, books stay around for the long haul.

“I would just say that it will give you the longest shelf life of anything you do to build your brand.”

Mike believes that any small business owner or other business professional can benefit from publishing a book. His customers see him as the car repair guru:

“It’s been the single most effective affordable way for me to brand myself as an expert in the automotive repair industry.”