David Lukas’s Story: Your Book Will Electrify Your Audience

David-LukasDavid is a financial advisor who had hosted his own weekly radio show for over 4 years. But although he had a dedicated listening audience, far too few were taking the next step and contacting him.

We published David’s book Whose Future Are You Financing? What the Government and Wall Street Don’t Want You to Know. As soon as it came out, David offered the book for free on his radio show to any listener who contacted him. The effect was immediate and overwhelming. A flood of listeners requested the book, many of whom eventually became clients. By authoring a book, David galvanized his passive audience into action.

Here’s what David said about his book’s return on investment (in his no-nonsense style):

“What has it done for me? It has probably paid for itself 25 times over or more.”

The written word is powerful. From my dad’s handwritten note to David Lukas’s published book, words have a way of impacting people and moving them to action.

I would love to help you become a published author too. Our proprietary done-with-you process takes under 24 hours of your time, and you’ll come out of it with a high-quality professionally published book that will establish your credibility and grow your business.