Don’t Give People What They Want

Uncle Sam I Want You - Poster by DonkeyHotey, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  DonkeyHotey


When you’re getting marketing advice, a common refrain is “give people what they want.” If your market wants a gizmo, make a gizmo. Don’t make a widget and then sell it if the people want a gizmo.

But popular blogger and best-selling author Seth Godin recently noted an even more powerful marketing strategy: teaching the people what they need.

There’s always a shortcut available, a way to be a little more ironic, cheaper, more instantly understandable. There’s the chance to play into our desire to be entertained and distracted, regardless of the cost. Most of all, there’s the temptation to encourage people to be selfish, afraid and angry.


Or you can dig in, take your time and invest in a process that helps people see what they truly need. When we change our culture in this direction, we’re doing work worth sharing.

There’s your marketing tip for the day, courtesy of Seth Godin and Paperback Expert. In your marketing efforts, strategize a way to teach your prospects to choose what they really need: the amazing product or service that you provide.