Convert More Leads Using
Your Amazon Bestselling Book

Do you spend big money on advertising?

You want those calls and clicks. And you’re getting some...

...but you’re frustrated. You should be converting more leads than you are.

What’s the problem?

Conventional wisdom says you have an “advertising problem.” But I’ll give it to you straight:

You don’t have an advertising problem. You have a positioning problem.

The truth is, your leads see you as just another lawyer/advisor/marketer/consultant/whatever.

You need to position yourself as special. Trustworthy. Expert.

And nothing positions you like a bestselling book.

Think of the industry leaders you esteem. Haven’t they written bestselling books?

Degrees lost their connotation of credibility years ago. Today’s mark of credibility is authorship.

I can hear your objection: “But writing a book is hard! And who’s got the time, anyway?”

Yes, you’re right. That’s why we exist.

We help busy professionals like you write and publish a bestselling book.

We handle all the details you don’t have time for, plus a billion more you never knew existed:

  • Hiring (writer, editor, layout artist, cover designer)
  • Publishing (paperback and Kindle, available through a variety of online and physical retailers)
  • Marketing (guaranteed Amazon bestseller status, press release, blog articles)

And we leverage your time so you invest minimum hours for maximum impact. We develop the outline with you, then interview you to get content. You don’t have to write a word.

Your professional-quality book will be published and promoted to Amazon Bestseller status.

You’ll be a Bestselling Author for life.

Do you think you’ll ever be seen as “Just another ____” again?

Your competitors offer “free reports” and “complimentary evaluations.” You’ll hand out your very own Bestselling Book.

Your competitors mail brochures destined for the circular file. You’ll mail a book destined for your lead’s desk or nightstand. (When’s the last time you threw a book away?)

You don’t have an advertising problem.

You have a positioning problem. Want to fix it?

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We’ll make you an Amazon Bestselling Author.

Your coffee will taste better. The birds will sing sweeter. Strangers will want your autograph.

And you’ll convert more leads along the way.

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I believe that a book is the ultimate business card. In this competitive market, you either differentiate yourself or you die. Having a book will help you convert leads to clients and put more money in your pocket.

Harlan Schillinger
Marketing Expert
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