Convert More Leads Using
Your Amazon Bestselling Book
and Join the Ranks of These Authors

You spend big money each month on advertising.

You’re getting phone calls and website clicks.

But you’re frustrated. You know you should be converting more of those leads.

What’s the problem?

You streamline your intake process. You redesign your brochure. You change your offer.

But leads keep ignoring you. How can you convert more of them?

You don’t have an advertising problem.

You have a positioning problem.

Your leads see you as “Just another ______.” You fill in the blank (attorney, financial advisor, business consultant, whatever).

“Just another ______.”

You need to position yourself as special. Credible. Trustworthy. Expert.

And nothing does it like a bestselling book.

Haven’t all the industry leaders you look up to written bestselling books?

Decades ago the mark of credibility was a degree. Now those are so commonplace nobody notices. Today’s mark of credibility is authorship.

“But writing a book is hard!”

Yep. That’s why we exist.

We help busy professionals like you write and publish a bestselling book.

We handle all the details you don’t have time for, plus a billion more you never knew existed:

  • Hiring (writer, editor, layout artist, cover designer)
  • Publishing (paperback and Kindle, available through a variety of online and physical retailers)
  • Marketing (guaranteed Amazon bestseller status, press release, blog articles)

And we leverage your time so you invest minimum hours for maximum impact. We develop the outline alongside you, then interview you to create the content.

You don’t have to write a word.

Your professional-quality book will be published and promoted to Amazon Bestseller status.

You’ll be a Bestselling Author for life.

Do you think you’ll ever be seen as “Just another ____” again?

Your competitors offer "free reports” and “complimentary evaluations.” You’ll hand out your very own Bestselling Book.

Your competitors mail brochures destined for the circular file. You’ll mail a book destined for your lead’s desk or nightstand. (When’s the last time you threw a book away?)

Your competitors can be the cheapest or the fastest. You’ll be the Expert.

You don’t have an advertising problem.

You have a positioning problem.

Want to fix it?

>>> Give us a call.

We’ll make you an Amazon Bestselling Author.

Your coffee will taste better.

The birds will sing sweeter.

Strangers will want your autograph.

And you’ll convert more leads along the way.

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A. Become an Amazon Bestselling Author.

B. Or you can begin by creating a Custom Book.

C. Or, if you desire a simple lead generation mini book, we can help you with that also.

Whatever you decide, you will become The Recognized Authority in your market and easily convert more clients and generate more profit for the rest of your career.

I believe that a book is the ultimate business card. In this competitive market, you either differentiate yourself or you die. Having a book will help you convert leads to clients and put more money in your pocket.

Harlan Schillinger
Marketing Expert
  1. Choose the Book Program that is right for you.
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  3. Begin Converting Callers to Clients and Putting More Money in Your Pocket.


There are 2 ways to get started:

  1. Join The Academy of Published Authors to receive significant discounts, learn proven strategies, and gain access to a vibrant community of authors, coaches, and experts to help you grow your business.
  2. Choose the non-Academy route and utilize your own marketing resources.

Join The Academy of Published Authors
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  • 20% Off All Books Programs
  • 20% Off On-Demand Book Orders
  • FREE Shipping on Book Orders
  • FREE Authority Marketing 8-Week Bootcamp
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Join The Academy of Published Authors
for Only $99/mo.

Academy Member Prices:

Lead Generation Mini Book
$399(for 12 months)
    Mini Book

    1. Your Own 50 page Mini Book

    2. 50 Copies of Your Mini Book

    3. On-Demand Book Orders




    Custom Book
    $999(for 14 months)
      Custom Book
      1. Your Own Custom Book
      2. 100 Copies of Your Book
      3. On-Demand Book Orders
      4. PLUS a 1-Topic Mini Book based on one chapter of your Custom book


      Amazon Bestselling Book
      $1,499(for 13 months)
        Amazon Bestseller

        1. Your Own Custom Book (including the 1-Topic Mini Book)

        2. Guaranteed Amazon Bestselling Author Status

        3. 300 Copies of Your Book

        4. On-Demand Book Orders


        Your Academy Membership Includes:

        8-Week Book Marketing Bootcamp ($2,499 Value)

        Monthly Authority Marketing Calls ($6,000 Value)

        Authority Marketing Magazine ($1,188 Value)

        20% Discount on Book Orders ($4.00/book vs. $5.00/book)

        FREE Shipping on Book Orders (Save $0.50 per book)

        PLUS Full Access to other Academy Programs and Systems all designed to help you grow your business.

        Non-Academy Prices

        Lead Generation Mini Book
          Mini Book

          3 payments of $2,000

          1. Your Own 50 page Mini Book

          2. On-Demand Book Orders


          Custom Book
            Custom Book

            4 payments of $4,500


            1. Your Own Book


            2. On-Demand Book Orders
            Amazon Bestselling Book (Most Desired)
              Amazon Bestseller

              5 payments of $5,000

              1. Your Own Book

              2. Guaranteed Amazon Bestselling Author Status

              3. On-Demand Book Orders

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              BONUS – "10 Ways to Grow Your Business with a Book"

              This short-and-sweet ebook teaches you how to wield your book to overcome competitors and establish yourself as the Expert in your market.

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