How to Attract New Clients with Your Book

In one way, publishing a book is its own reward. You get to hold it in your hands, feel the cover, read your own words. You gain personal fulfillment. But when you distribute your helpful book to people who need it, your sense of fulfillment multiplies. Authoring a book is great, but marketing yourself with it is even greater.

In this chapter we will share some basic author marketing tips and strategies. You can use these tactics to kick off your marketing campaign and begin to grow your business with your book. They are simple yet effective. You can find many complicated strategies elsewhere—we prefer to focus on ones that are powerfully fundamental.

Note that these strategies are not for book marketing, but for author marketing. There is a crucial difference. Book marketing is focused on selling more books. Author marketing is focused on gaining more clients with a book.

In my (Michael’s) first book On Marketing, I explained the 3 Stages of Business. Anything you do in business fits into one of these categories: the Attract stage, the Engage stage, and the Retain stage. In each of these, you can use your book to gain more clients and grow your business.


Email Signature

In the attract stage, one of the first things you want to do is to put the word “Author” on your email signature. As of 2015, each businessperson sends and receives an average of 122 emails per day. That is a lot of communication!

On each and every one of those emails, you can display your author status. Simply go into your email client’s setting and update your automatic signature to say something like this:


Michael DeLon

Author, On Marketing

Link the title of your book to its listing. That way, people you email can find out more and potentially purchase your book. Or, link the title to a dedicated name-capture landing page (more on that below).

You can also be a bit fancier and include an image of your book. Here is how my (Michael’s) email signature appears:

Michael's Email Signature screenshot

Since I’m a book publisher, I have a few more options for book images that you do. But you can start with one and work your way up from there!

Being an author sets you apart. This is the easiest and fastest way to begin marketing yourself and your book.

Business Card

Every businessperson needs a business card. Almost every businessperson has a business card. Most of them are boring.

But what if your business card…looked like your book? This is the brilliant idea one of our clients had. Here is the end result:


Update your business card and amaze your connections. Say “bye-bye” to boring and “welcome” to wow! 

Replace Your Brochure

Marketing brochures suffer from the same fatal ailment as business cards: Boooooring. If yours is an exception, kudos to you! But no matter the state of your brochure, you can up the ante by handing out your book instead.

Picture this: your ideal prospect sits in her home, considering marketing materials from you and half a dozen of your competitors. She has accumulated quite a stack of brochures. Sitting on top of them—your book.

Who she gonna call? Ghostbusters! (Whoops, wrong show.)

She is gonna call you! If your competitors are expert enough to write a brochure, and you are expert enough to write a book, you are obviously the top dog.

Create a Book Attraction Marketing Funnel

One of the most powerful author marketing systems involves a simple offer with powerful results.

The offer? A free copy of your book.

The result? You get hot prospects’ full contact information.

We like to call this system a Book ATraction MArketiNg Funnel—or BATMAN Funnel for short.

Here’s how the BATMAN Funnel works. On the front page of your website, prominently display an image of your book. Accompany the image with this text: “Click here to get a copy of [book name] for free!”

Remember why you want to give your book away for free? Because you are using it to generate business leads. You are not going to get rich selling this book on Amazon, but you just might get rich by generating more clients. Give your book away to as many interested prospects as possible—soon you will be laughing your way to the bank.



When visitors to your website click the book image, they are redirected to a separate opt-in page. There they enter their name, email, mailing address, and phone number. Submitting their information wins them a free physical copy of your book!

Soon after you will receive their contact information from your opt-in system. Instantly, you should leap into action. Give them a call to verify their mailing address—and to start establishing rapport. Then sign the book to them personally (for extra pizzaz) and mail it out.

Know those late-night infomercials that promise the greatest product ever, but cannot  get it to you any faster than “6-8 weeks for delivery”? Kind of a letdown. Do not disappoint your prospects so. Mail the book the same day, with two-day or three-day shipping.

We sometimes use an envelope like this to communicate urgency and importance:

Along with the book, send some of your other marketing materials. Write a casual letter to include, expressing your wishes that they enjoy the book and learn much.

Courteously follow up with the prospect in a few days to ensure the Postal Service delivered the book to them on time. Do not attempt to sell anything or set an appointment; you are simply verifying that the book did indeed arrive. From a marketing perspective, you are building trust with a prospect—trust that will pay dividends later on.

You can call a week or two later to offer a free consultation. Even if they are not ready yet, keep marketing to them by email and physical mail. Sooner or later you are likely to win their business.