How to Engage Prospects with Your Book

The second step is to Engage the prospect and turn them into a client. You need to establish processes and systems that bring people from hot prospect to satisfied client.

If They Walk Through Your Door…

…they should get a book.

One of our clients, Mike Davidson of Parkway Automotive, gives a copy of his book to every prospect who walks through the doors of his auto repair shop. Do you think that impacts his potential clients? Absolutely! Mike is the only auto repair shop owner with a book in his area. His book sets him apart from every other shop in town.

Mike wrote his book three years ago and continues to gain new customers from it. He understands how to use his book to engage prospects and turn them into clients. You can do the same.

Revive Your Blog

Many business blogs languish from neglect. The most common reason? People do not know what to write.

Your book solves this problem for you! Each week, choose an excerpt from your book. Quote it to begin the article, then explain further. Write a few hundred words and you are done. Simple, right?

And please do not just post the article and hope someone sees it. Be sure to email your contact database each time you post a new article. If you create helpful content, people will want to know.

Enhance Your Speaking Engagements

You may not receive many invitations to speak at major conferences. You may not even want any public speaking invitations! But no matter who you are, you can deliver a successful short presentation using your book.

If you belong to a Chamber of Commerce or networking group like BNI, you will occasionally have a chance to speak. Base your presentation on your book—either summarizing the whole, or focusing on just one section.

Offer copies of your book for cheap (or free) during your presentation. You’ll deepen relationships and cause people to view you as the expert in your industry.