How to Retain Your Top Clients with Your Book

Client Book Signing Party

The Retain stage involves retaining your current customers for life and stimulating referrals. One great way to accomplish this with your book is by hosting a book signing for your best clients. Invite them to a dinner or dessert reception at your office, then personally sign a copy of your book to each of them. Ask your clients to bring friends to this “Meet the Author” event. Create a fun and memorable time for everyone involved.

Make Referrals Awesome

Referrals tend to be lame. One person hands a boring brochure or plain-Jane business card to another, accompanying it with a half-hearted endorsement.

But it does not have to be so! Brochures are banal, but books are better. You clients will enjoy referring you to their friends using your book. They get to brag, “My financial advisor wrote the book on retirement planning. Here, you take a copy—he gave me an extra one.” Now their friend is already impressed with you. And they have not even cracked open your book yet! Once they do, they will be exposed to you in concentrated form: your vision, principles, and beliefs.

Doing business with the person who “wrote the book” is impressive. This applies whether you are an auto repair shop owner, a mortgage producer, a financial advisor, an attorney, a dentist, or anyone else. When you write a book, it positions you in a category of one—separate from your competitors. You can use that unique positioning to grow your business.

Centers of Influence

Well-connected individuals who can pass business on to you are “centers of influence.” For a financial advisor, these may be CPAs or attorneys. For a mortgage originator, these are likely realtors.

Identify your centers of influence and ensure that they are all well-stocked with copies of your book. Any time they feel one of their clients could benefit from your services, they should hand out a copy of your book while recommending you.

By accumulating effective centers of influence, you can dramatically increase the number of referrals you receive.