Lee Welfel’s Story: Your Book Will Magnetize Your Prospects

Lee Welfel photoLee is a bank vice president and mortgage loan expert. He has a unique approach to mortgages that saves his clients thousands of dollars over the long term. But Lee wanted to increase the flow of prospects who were magnetically attracted to him. Additionally, he felt he was spending an inordinate amount of time explaining mortgage details.

We published Lee’s book The Mortgage Book: Own Your Home Without It Owning You. Here’s what Lee told us about his goals for becoming an author:

“I wrote the book to help my marketing and build my business. The book has accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do—my business has grown drastically.”

The book solved both of Lee’s marketing problems almost immediately. First, Lee gave copies of his book to the real estate agents who are responsible for most of his referrals. They handed the book out to Lee’s ideal prospects, who flocked to him in droves. Second, instead of explaining mortgage details in person, Lee now informs through the pages of his book. When prospects walk into his office, their only remaining question is “Where do I sign?”