Hanging the Lights

My favorite Christmas lights are the icicles that hang off the edge of the roof on the front of the house. They seem to dangle weightlessly, suspended in midair. But how did they get there? And what does that have to do with your marketing? They certainly didn’t form on their own; someone with a…

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Why You Should Never Write a Book

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard how important it is to have your own book. In his book No B.S. Trust-Based Marketing,marketing guru Dan Kennedy states, “Anyone who seeks trusted authority and advisor status will publish, or perish.” And there’s no better way to position yourself as an expert than by offering your…

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What is The Magnetic Positioning Automated Marketing System and how can it transform the way you grow your business?

Marketing is the key to success in business, regardless of what industry you operate in and who your ideal clients are. And the key to successful marketing is positioning. A marketing system takes much of the hassle out of marketing. Not only will it work around the clock to bring you a steady flow of…

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