Here's How Writing a Book Brought Success
to Other Business Owners Just Like You

What has it done for me? It has probably paid for itself 25 times over or more.

David Lukas
Author, "Whose Future Are You Financing?"

I didn’t write this book to become a New York Times bestseller. I wrote the book to help my marketing and build my business. The book has accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do—my business has grown drastically.

Lee Welfel
Lee Welfel Author, "The Mortgage Book"

I’d thought about writing a book, but that was as far as it went. Not knowing the 1st step made it hard to get started. Michael and his Team helped me think of my book as a marketing tool. Every marketing piece you will ever do has a limited shelf life, except your book. When was the last time you discarded a book? The uses available to market my company using my book seem unlimited.

Mike Davidson
Author, "Start Me Up"

I always thought it would be more expensive than it was and the process would be more difficult. Michael and the Paperback Expert Team took care of everything. They simplified the entire process.

Tony Smith
Tony Smith Author, "The Police K-9 Unit"

One family was looking at four of my competitors. I gave the wife a book, and she said, "You’ve written the book on the issue that I’m dealing with! My decision has been made. We’re going with you."

Sam Sellers
Author, "Finding Freedom at Home"
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Russell McCloud Russell McCloud, Author, "Knowledge is Power"

"When I tell people I have written a book, they are very impressed and immediately identify that I must be an expert in my field."

Jim Berberich Jim Berberich, Author, "Make it Last!"

"The book explains our culture and includes straightforward explanations that benefit the reader."

Gary Pontious Gary Pontious, Author, "Automotive Essentials"

"I found it to be a pretty simple process. They led it well and they took care of all the loose ends."

Tony and Liz Leonardi Tony and Liz Leonardi, Authors, "Your Car and You"

"Creating our own book was simple. Great way to make a BIG impression."

Servando Orozco Servando Orozco, Author, "Orozco's Nuts and Bolts Guide to Understanding Your Car"

"This book is a point of connection between me and my community. I am branding our company with this book. I'm also investing in future customers by distributing it to high schools, driving schools, and insurance agents."

Scott Osborn Scott Osborn, Author, "Making Smart Choices"

"Your team did an awesome job of putting me in a position of AUTHORity!"

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