Follow This 4-Step Process to Complete
Your Book in Less Than 24 Hours
Then Use it to Grow Your Business

When you become an author, you place yourself in a category of one. You gain instant credibility and status, create an endless flow of new leads, and cause prospects to proactively seek you out. If you want to grow your business, you should publish your own book.

Hopefully you agree with everything in that last paragraph. The question is, How? How can you write a book and then use it to grow your business? Who even has the time to write a book?!?

We know how you feel. Here at Paperback Expert, there are always more tasks than time to complete them—and you probably feel the same way about your own small business. That's why we've made publishing your own book fast and easy: it takes less than 24 hours of your time and we take care of all the hard parts.

When you follow our 4-Step Process, you won't believe how easy it is to write your own book and position yourself as the expert in your market.


Determining what to say in your book (and what to leave un-said) could be an overwhelming task if you followed a more traditional approach. We help you think through the content of your book using a simple phone call.

During your Book Outline Call our team works with you to hone your message, helping you think through the "big rocks" that prospects need to understand. We ask questions and reveal stories and anecdotes you use every day as you talk about your business. It's our job to weave your knowledge and stories through the pages of your book in a way that causes people to bond with your emotionally so you can build trust more easily.

 By the end of this phone call, together, we'll have created a compelling outline that we'll use as a road map to create the content for your book.

Our unique "Speak-to-Write" process was created so you don't have to spend very much time at all preparing to create your book. You already know what you'd like to say, we simply help you say it in a clear and cohesive way.

Your book will be a key component in your marketing tool chest. We’ll help you prepare well so your book will be everything you’ve dreamed.


Writing a book isn't so hard—except for the writing part. That’s why we created our proprietary “Speak-to-Write” process.

Designed specifically for the hectic lifestyle of professionals and business owners, our system allows you to speak your book into existence in less than 24 hours of your time. You can talk about your business all day; we help you to quickly and easily get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper by allowing you to talk about your business.

Through a series of phone calls, our team works with you to create the content of your book and craft it into a compelling message in less than 24 hours of your time. Now it will take us a few weeks to finish the formatting, editing and graphics needed to complete your book, but by following our system, you can create your book in less than 24 hours of your time.

After you “Speak-to-Write” your book, we’ll transcribe your message word for word. Then our experienced team formats and edits your manuscript so your message is clear and your book is easy to read. When the first draft is complete, you’ll review it for accuracy and be able to make any corrections.

In a separate call, members of our graphics team talk with you to find the right title and create a great looking cover for your book. Branding your book using your current marketing strategy is important as you seek to communicate a consistent message and enhance the trust you'll be creating with prospects and referrals.

We know this will be a time full of excitement and many questions. You can expect regular communication as we guide you through the entire process. After you produce the content of your book, your main concern is to run your business; we’ll handle everything else to make your book ready to publish.


Now that your manuscript is ready and your cover is designed, you are ready to become a published author. Congratulations!

You book will be published in both print and electronic versions. This gives you the greatest flexibility and distribution possible.

Printing is performed in a facility dedicated to high quality and timely turn-around. You don't want to wait months for your book to come off the press, so we keep an eye on the time and can normally have your book quality checked, printed, bound, and delivered in less than 21 days from the day the order is placed.

Getting your book listed on Amazon and converted for the Kindle platform is not as simple as clicking an “upload” button. There are a number of formatting issues that need to be performed to ensure that it is created properly and can be viewed on mobile devices. Our seasoned team of publishing experts know all of the intricacies of this process and can have your ebook ready to publish right on time. Just imagine the thrill of seeing your book on Amazon and Kindle.

Becoming an author used to be out of reach. Today, that’s no longer the case. Our system removes all the hurdles and keeps you in control of the content, the rights and the profits.

Now that your book is published, the next step it to promote your book to grow your business.


You are now an Author. Congratulations!

Your next step is to promote your book (and yourself). You'll find that being an author puts you in a unique position and makes it easy to build trust and grow your business. People perceive authors as experts and authorities. They'll seek you out for advice and listen to your counsel more readily.

There are a variety of ways to use your book to increase your business. You can use your book to:

Attract new customers by giving your book to them.

Engage current customers to help them more fully understand your values, background and standards.

Retain existing customers by gifting a copy of your book to them as a way to say “Thank You!”

Stimulate referrals more easily by giving a copy (or two) of your book to your satisfied customers as a conversation starter with their friends.

Your book is your best marketing tool. It’s like having a conversation with your prospect, but you don't have to be there. They'll easily "hear" your heart since you created your book using the same language you'd use if they were talking with you face to face. That's one reason your book easily helps you build trust.

Your book will become the cornerstone of your marketing efforts. You'll soon become known as "the person who wrote the book" on your topic; and that is a great position to occupy.

When your book is published, we'll continue to provide you with ideas, tools and strategies you can integrate into your marketing plan to leverage your book for all it's worth. You'll be able to connect with other authors and learn how they're using their book to grow their business, and you'll find proven methods to generate more leads, convert more prospects and grow your business.

Creating your own book is no longer out of reach when you follow this 4-Step Process to complete your book in less than 24 hours, then use it to build trust and grow your business.

And because we're convinced that having your own book will actually help you build trust and grow your business, we back it up with a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee.

If you're considering putting your message in your own book, click here to send us an email and we'll schedule a time to talk.

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