We Believe

  • We believe you have a book inside clamoring to get out and see the world.
  • We believe you were born to be an author. Even if you hate to write.
  • We believe authoring your book should be as easy as talking with a friend.
  • We believe in helping you create a stunning book in less than a day.
  • We believe in highlighted words and dog-eared pages.
  • We believe a book is the only marketing tool with shelf life.
  • We believe in no-risk money-back complete-satisfaction guarantees.
  • We believe that low-quality books are never a good value, no matter how cheap.
  • We believe in judging a book by its cover. So we design yours to pass judgment.
  • We believe in the smile on your face when you first hold your book.

Our Story: How Paperback Expert Came to Be

Dear Business Owner,

Michael with Bookcase (2)As a busy business owner trying to grow your business in this economy, there is really only one thing standing between you and the financial and time freedom you desire: your to-do list.

You’re a smart businessperson or you wouldn’t be reading this. You know that everything boils down to Attracting Leads, Converting them to Prospects and Turning them into Customers for Life. You know that to achieve that you need to build trust with them and have a reliable marketing system to attract and follow up with them, but creating one takes time—a lot of it.

You know that you need a good website, should be doing traditional marketing like direct mail, radio, newspaper, etc., along with Pay Per Click, Google Adwords, creating a Social Media presence, using email marketing – and on and on.

You know all that. The problem has always been, who is going to do all of it? Who will do it properly and whom can you trust?

The problem is TIME.

Michael DeLon says:

"When I started Paperback Expert, I knew the struggles small business owners were facing. They’re good at what they do—in fact, many of them are experts. Where they struggle is marketing. After writing my own book On Marketing, I experienced the ease of turning prospects into customers as they read my book and came to know, like and trust me. I knew other business owners could adopt this strategy to grow their business.

The first obstacle we had to get past was time.

As a business owner, you don’t have time to write a book—even if it would produce more customers. You're too busy running your business. That’s why we created our proprietary 'Speak-to-Write' process.

By following this process, you can create the content for your book in less than 24 hours of your time. Then our team does the 'heavy lifting' to create your book and get it ready to publish.

The result of this unique process is that can now communicate your message quickly, easily and very affordably. You want your book to 'sound' like you. Our 'Speak-to-Write' process achieves that objective.

Then we developed The Magnetic Positioning Automated Marketing System. This system incorporates the SEVEN essential steps that MUST be part of your marketing strategy if your business is going to attract customers and build trust long-term."

So let’s get started. Our entire system is designed so we do most everything for you. From now on you now have me and my team as part of your marketing team, not to mention the other business-owner-authors you’ll interact with around The Authors Round Table (an author-only marketing mastermind).


Positioning You to Profit,

More About Michael DeLon

Michael works diligently to help people know, like and trust his clients. He helps his clients position themselves magnetically to attract new customers and retain them for life.

Michael is an author, speaker, marketing strategist and business growth coach for business owners and sharp, aggressive entrepreneurs looking to get to the next level in their business.

Michael’s book On Marketing is a must-read for everyone who wants to learn how to create a steady flow of new and repeat customers coming into their business on autopilot.

Michael knows that wealth in business is created by developing a continuous stream of New, Repeat and Referral customers.

The Automated Marketing System takes the hassle out of marketing so you can focus on growing your business and finding the time and financial freedom to do what you really love doing. And the Authors Round Table connects you with other business-owner-authors every month to share ideas and spur one another on.

DeLon FamilyMichael is a native of Indiana and has lived near Little Rock, AR since 2004. His business background includes real estate, automotive, radio, internet, consulting and 10 years in family ministry.

Michael is a voracious learner … you’ll always find him with a book (or 2 or 3) and an audio series going on his iPhone or iPod. But more than learning, Michael loves applying, testing and perfecting marketing concepts that help his clients achieve more.

Michael and his wife reside near Little Rock, AR with their three children. They are deeply involved in The Bible Church of Little Rock.

Michael loves spending time with his family, traveling with friends and living life on the edge.

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