If You’re a Personal Injury Attorney You Can Now

Convert 3% More Leads and
Put Over $500,000 in Your Pocket
Using Your Amazon Bestselling Book
Without Spending More on Advertising

Sounds like hype, but numbers don’t lie:

A 3% increase in conversions of the leads you are already generating will put $648,000 in your pocket. (see chart below)

That’s money you’re not getting today because you’re not converting enough of your current leads to clients.

Increasing your bottom line is simple: Convert More of the leads you’re already generating without spending more on advertising.

Here's the math:

A 3% increase in your conversion ratio results in you putting $648,000 in your pocket this year without spending any more money on advertising.

How much would you invest to make $648,000? $30,000 or $50,000 or $150,000?

When you don’t convert a lead, they sign with another firm and you lose that money.

How can you convert 3% more leads to clients?

Send every lead a signed copy of Your
Amazon Bestselling Book

Just listen to legal marketing expert Ken Hardison:

People hire lawyers they like and trust. That’s one reason I’ve written so many books. I want people to see me as the expert in my field and the person they can trust to solve their problems.

Ken Hardison
President, PILMMA | Legal Marketing Expert | Author of "Systematic Marketing"

We published Ken's book Systematic Marketing and now it's a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

You can do it too:

  1. Publish an Amazon Bestselling Book.
  2. Utilize your book in ALL of your marketing and advertising.
  3. Give your book to every lead you receive.

Do that and you’ll stay in front of your leads longer, convert more leads to clients, and make more money without spending another dime on more advertising.

This may be a new concept to you, but not to us. We’ve helped others become Amazon Bestselling Authors. Now it’s your turn.

You’re spending thousands to make the phone ring. When it does, do you send materials that make you look like everyone else?

Or do you set yourself apart by sending them your book?

Here's how fellow personal injury lawyer Steve Grover uses his book:

I wanted my book to connect with my market. As a motorcycle enthusiast, I told about my rides, showed pictures of my bikes, and gave helpful information about how to Ride Safe.

I give my book to past and current clients, other professionals I work with (i.e. doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.), motorcycle shops, schools, shows, and anywhere else I can think of. It is far better than giving out my business card since it shows I care about motorcycle safety and society.

Steve Grover
Grover Law Firm, Alberta, CA | Author of "Ride Hard, Ride Safe"

Brochures and business cards get tossed aside and thrown away. Everyone has them.

They won’t throw away your book!

Your Amazon Bestselling Book makes you DIFFERENT and KEEPS YOU IN FRONT of your Leads Longer.

You don’t need more leads.

You need to convert more of the leads you’re generating.

Send every lead The Ultimate Business Card:
A Signed Copy of Your Amazon Bestselling Book.

Do THIS and you can put an extra $648,000 in your pocket this year.

How many more leads could you convert IF…

you could personally meet with each lead, answer their questions, lessen their anxiety, and gain their trust?

How much more money would you earn if…

you could have a 1-hour private conversation with every lead?

You Can Do That With Your Amazon Bestselling Book.

Have a personal conversation in the privacy of their home.

While reading your book their “walls” are down, their interest is piqued, and they’re open to hear what you have to say.

They give YOU their undivided attention.

They listen to what YOU have to say.

They connect with YOU emotionally.

They consider YOU a trusted source for information.

And since people don't throw away books, every time they see your book laying on their table or nightstand, they think of YOU.

Your Amazon Bestselling Book is the missing element
that’s keeping you from converting more leads
and putting more money in your pocket.

It’s the plug for the hole in your boat, so to speak.

TV ads, Billboards, and Websites are commonplace.

Being an Amazon Bestselling Author Makes You DIFFERENT.

I believe that a book is the ultimate business card. In this competitive market, you either differentiate yourself or you die. Having a book will help you convert leads to clients and put more money in your pocket.

Harlan Schillinger
Legal Marketing Expert

Generating leads is important.

Converting leads is vital.

The easiest way to convert more leads is to:

Give Every Lead a Copy of Your Amazon Bestselling Book

Your book will differentiate you from every other attorney who is sending them a brochure.

We will:

  • publish your book,
  • make you an Amazon Bestselling Author, and
  • show you exactly how to use your bestselling book to gain more clients without spending more money on advertising.

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