The Alphabet Maze

How are you enjoying the marketing tips and strategies you’ve been learning?

We’re just scratching the surface. You’ll get SO MUCH MORE each and every month when you are a Paperback Expert. But until then, enjoy these Midweek Marketing tips.

Today, I want to share with you another key marketing strategy that we teach our clients. Take a few minutes to watch this. It’s a new way of looking at, and understanding, why some people aren’t ready to say “Yes!” today.

I call it The Alphabet Maze.

Our Expert Positioning Program is packed full of positioning and marketing strategies like this. Here’s a short video that explains the ABC’s of Marketing—what we call The Alphabet Maze.

Alphabet Maze

Click here to watch it now.

Remember, this video is short, yet packed with great information and put-into-action-today strategies.

Watch the Video here now.

As important as The Alphabet Maze is to your marketing and business growth, I do have one concern:

If you’re not a Paperback Expert, then you are not leveraging your expertise as much as you possibly can. You are spinning your wheels and leaving money on the table.

Having your name on your own book gives you instant authority and increased credibility. It’s is, without question, the fastest way to gain expert status in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

As you know, we only work with 1 client per market. Our entire team has only one purpose: to Position YOU as The Expert in your market.

Your market may still be available, so let me know if you’d like to be the exclusive expert we work with in your market.

You can effectively lock-out everyone who might want to be known as The Expert. You’ll also be choosing to lock-in a lifetime of unique positioning and profits.

It’s super fun to Position Yourself as The Expert in your market. It’s also very, very profitable. In fact, we guarantee it!

Learn how The Alphabet Maze can help you grow your business when you watch this video. Then, let’s talk about how you can quickly Position Yourself as The Expert in your market.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.