Tony Smith’s Story: Your Book Will Showcase Your Expertise

Tony SmithTony has a very unique business. He’s one of only a handful of people in the entire nation who know how to train police K-9 units. But Tony was looking for a better way to showcase his expertise to the police departments that approached him.

We published Tony’s book The Police K-9 Unit: The Comprehensive Manual to Developing Your K-9 Unit. Soon after, Tony featured the book in a magazine ad targeted toward police departments. He received a number of inquiries from departments across the nation, and was able to match several of them with K-9 units perfect for their situation.

Tony is still using his book to set himself apart as the expert at developing K-9 units. The dogs he trains are in high demand, because his book broadcasts his expertise to police departments far and wide.

Here’s what Tony told us about his publishing experience:

“I always thought it would be more expensive than it was and the process would be more difficult. Michael and the Paperback Expert Team took care of everything. They simplified the entire process.”