Micro-Training Replay: "The 4 Marketing Misfires (And How to Avoid Them with the '3MS' Model)."

When you watch this 25-minute micro-training from credibility expert Michael DeLon, you'll discover what these 4 misfires are, how to avoid the 4 marketing misfires using the "3MS" model, and how Michael uses this model to market his own business every day.

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Here's some of what you'll learn:

  • A 1-2-3 step by step strategy for identifying which of the misfires is hampering your marketing efforts (it might be all 4!)
  • How I personally use the "3MS" model to continually improve our marketing efforts (last week I spent a lot of time thinking about "M")
  • Why the "S" of 3MS is the key to doing an incredible amount of marketing without taking an overwhelming amount of your time

Can you fill in the blanks?

The 4 Marketing Misfires:

  • Lack of marketing __________
  • Shallow understanding of ___________
  • Unclear and un-compelling __________
  • Marketing attempts instead of marketing _________

Watch the micro-training and find out!

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