Stand Out from Your Competitors
with Your Own Book
Without Having to Write a Word!

See how at this free live demonstration on Wednesday, August 25 @ 3pm Central


The Credibility Upgrade™

Professionals nationwide are discovering this revolutionary method for authoring a book full of your own content and stories, but without the frustration and late nights in front of a blank page. Will you be next?


During This Live Demonstration, You’ll Discover:

How the Speak-to-Write™ process enables you to become an author without writing—but still captures your content and stories (no canned content or impersonal ghostwriting)

How professionals whose average sale is over a thousand dollars can leverage a Credibility Upgrade to hear more "Yes!" from persuaded, eager prospects

How to use your book as a marketing tool to gain more clients. This is a live demo to grow your marketing capability: there is nothing to buy and there will be no replays


Best-selling marketing author and creator of the Credibility Upgrade™ that persuades prospects you're their obvious choice

Michael DeLon has presented across the nation on his specialist subject of credibility marketing for professionals who sell high-ticket services, products, or advice. His clients become bestselling authors (without writing a word), launch profitable podcasts, and use his proven marketing systems.

Michael lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with his wife and daughters. He works from his wonderful home office (and sometimes from his swimming pool) to increase his clients’ credibility and make it easier to close high-value prospects—without online funnels, paid ads, or anything else that's costly or complicated. (And if you'd like to do the same, he'll show you how.)

Here's what Michael's clients are saying:

Brad Pistole
Trinity Insurance and Financial Services

“This was by far the best thing that we've ever done. Anybody that's on the fence about this, seriously, the only reason not to do it is if you’re still struggling and you don't have enough money to do it. Otherwise, it's the best marketing money you could ever spend, hands down. I’ve bought a lot of systems over my days, but nothing that gives you the instant credibility of a well-thought-out book.

Socrate and Cassandra Exantus
Critical Path Consulting

“Since the book came out, I think it has really opened more doors. We're meeting tomorrow with a business owner who wants to partner with us. He bought my book, and now we're meeting with him, but he feels like he already knows us. I think that's the key: people get an opportunity to read your book before they meet you in person, so it opens doors for you. We've had a chance to do more speaking engagements.

Philip Richardson
The Richardson Group

“I was in the $10 million range for many years. Last year, we wrote $40 million. The book certainly helped us. Because people would come in after a seminar, sit down, and say, ‘Listen, I read your book. I really liked it. I trust you. I want to do what you suggested.’ So we're in the appointment 5 minutes and taking applications. People used to never come back; that’s not happening anymore. Now they say, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ We don’t get a lot of no’s anymore.”


Ready to stand out from your competitors with your own book... without writing a word?