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Josh had been pitched by "book coaches" before. But he realized Paperback Expert was different.


Josh Elledge -
Founder of

Michael DeLon - Book Publisher for Business Owners

4 Reasons You May Be Struggling to Close Enough Clients (creating your book solves these)...

  • Lack of Brand Strategy: If you look the same as they guy down the street, your prospects don’t have a strong reason to choose you. 
  • Neglected Follow-Up: Your “dormant database” has hidden gold…you just need a way to reactivate them.
  • Invisible Expert: You’re an expert at what you do, but can people tell? Publishing a book (without writing a word) is the fastest way to secure visible expert status.
  • Low Credibility: Your prospects don't have a reason to choose you if you look just like your competitors.

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