Create Your Book by Speaking Instead of Writing

You speak your book's content. We do everything else.

How It Works in 141 Words

“No time” is the #1 reason most people never get around to writing a book. And it’s the #1 problem we solve for people who create their book with us.


When you create a book with us, you SPEAK your content instead of writing it. Our team of professional writers interviews you, then polishes the transcript into a superb manuscript.
Then we DESIGN a cover you love, and format the book’s inside pages to match.


Finally we PUBLISH to Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. We can also PROMOTE your book to become a bestseller, and train you how to MARKET with your book to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow your revenue.


The whole process takes 6–9 months. But it requires fewer than 24 hours of your time in total. All you have to do is speak.

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Our process removes every obstacle to becoming an author.

What's holding you back from creating your book? Our clients avoid the pitfalls that hinder aspiring authors. Each stage of our process is carefully crafted to resolve your book-creation worries...


"I only have a general book idea. I'm not sure what to write about."

Does your book idea need some development? No problem. You'll start by working with Michael DeLon (Paperback Expert's founder) to discover your Brand Strategy.

Your Brand Strategy is the unique angle for your book. It's the positioning that sets you apart from everyone in your industry. You'll fill out our 8-question Brand Strategy Questionnaire, Michael will come up with big ideas—and before you know it, your book will have a direction.


"Do I really have enough to say to fill an entire book?"

Yes you do! You just need some help getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Thankfully, that's exactly what our writers are trained to do.

After we match you with a member of our professional writing staff, you'll meet with your writer for three 90-minute Outline Calls. You'll share your ideas, and the writer will shape them. After just a few hours of conversation, you'll be presented with a full outline. This typically includes 8–10 chapters, with bullet point notes on the stories and teaching that will make up the content of each chapter.


"I'm not a writer. Put me in front of a piece of paper and my mind goes blank."

In our Speak-to-Write™ process, you don't write your content. You speak it.

Have you ever been interviewed? If so, you understand how a skilled interviewer can get insights out of you that you didn't even know you had!

During our dynamic Content Interviews, you'll find yourself recounting stories you had forgotten years before. You'll share your expertise with ease, just like you do when a client is sitting across the table. In just five 90-minute interviews, you'll speak enough content for a 110- to 125-page book.

We record and transcribe these interviews. Then your writer works from the transcripts to polish your spoken words into the written word. The writer does all the hard work—you simply review the chapters as they're completed and suggest occasional revisions. When completed, your manuscript will sound like you: It'll share your unique approach and your personal stories of helping clients succeed.


"I don't want my book to look cheap or self-published."

Readers won't respect your book if the cover looks like a twelve-year-old drew it. That's why we work with professional designers who have worked with traditional publishing houses. You get the same level of outstanding quality at a fraction of the cost.

Your book's cover won't look goofy or amateurish. We take our design cues from the great business books of today and of yesteryear, so your book will look right at home on the shelf next to books by Jim Collins, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek.

Your book's inside pages will get the love they deserve, too. The interior formatting will echo the exterior cover design, making your book a harmonious whole. Your words will be presented in an attractive way that doesn't distract from their power.


"How will people find my book?"

Your book will be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. You'll also receive a digital PDF edition that you can share through email or offer as a lead magnet download on your website. Best of all, you can order physical author copies on-demand for just a few dollars a book. Getting your message into the hands of all your prospects, clients, and referral partners has never been easier!

When your book launches, we can promote it to become an Amazon bestseller—guaranteed. We'll prepare marketing materials and advertise your book to the right audiences, so people flock to purchase it. By the end of Launch Day, you'll have earned the permanent authority status of bestselling author.


"I want my book to grow my business. How will I make money with my book?"

Becoming an author is all about credibility. Writing a book sets you apart from all your competitors—it effectively differentiates you in a crowded market. That's the first way your book will make you money: By giving prospects a strong reason to trust you as the expert.

Unless your name is Stephen King, you won't make a fortune by selling your book online. But you can absolutely make a fortune by giving your book away to interested prospects—who then become happy paying clients. You're the person who wrote the book on how to solve their problem! Who else would they choose?

We equip every client with a custom Credibility Game Plan, a roadmap for how to use your book in your marketing efforts. Do you host seminars? Give your book to attendees. Do you have a website? Offer your book as a free download to collect email addresses. Do you have referral partners? Ask them to pass your book along to ideal prospects. We'll discuss your current marketing efforts and determine how your book can take each of them to the next level. Becoming an author will help you gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow your revenue.

What Else Do You Want to Know?


From "book idea" to "book in your hands," it takes just 6–9 months to write and publish your professional book.


We spend hundreds of hours working on your book. You spend just 24, mostly in conversation and approving our work.


We provide monthly payment plans with zero fees. Your book is a marketing investment, and it should fit in your marketing budget.


We guarantee that after two years of growing your business with your book (following the plan we provide), you'll double your investment, or your money back.

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