So How Does It Work?

Picture this:

You’re wrapping up a meeting with a new prospect who seems like an ideal client.

Qualified? Check. Motivated? Check. Totally within your ability to help? Check.

Before leaving, the prospect says, “I really enjoyed our conversation. Sounds like this might be right for me. Give me just a couple days to think about it. I’ll email you.”

He leaves the room.

You go back to your business.

And a few days later…

He doesn’t email.

You send a polite follow-up message: “Hey, have you thought more about our conversation?”

*Jeopardy music plays*

You send a reminder: “Are you ready to move forward?”


“Are you still there?”

Apparently not. You never hear from him again.

Sound familiar?

If you’re like most business owners, then...

You Hate Chasing Prospects Who Ghost You

You hate feeling desperate. You’re sick of people who seem oh-so-ready to buy, but then inexplicably DON’T.

It’s the most infuriating experience in business.

You worked so hard to persuade them. You tried to show why you were better than the guy down the street. You know your service is better. You deserved the sale. It should have been yours. It feels unfair, unjust, demoralizing.

You were so close! But as they say, “close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.”

What If Prospects Chased You Instead?

What if you had a secret weapon that could get prospects off the fence?

Not a magic wand that means you never need to persuade again. But a marketing tool that adds that extra bit of persuasion that makes the difference.

A way to tip people over the edge from considering you to choosing you.

That’s exactly what business owners are experiencing with a book. For example...

A Book Impresses Prospects and Convinces Them You're Different

"When I tell people I have written a book, they are very impressed and immediately identify that I must be an expert in my field."

- Russell McCloud,

Accurate Automotive Attention

"A client that I closed the deal with last Friday bought my book from Amazon before he even came in and met with me. So he knew that I was an expert in my field, because of the credibility—and then the material inside the book—before he even came in to meet with me."

- Lee Welfel,

Eagle Bank

"Folks are impressed. They're immediately convinced. I can't stress that too strongly: When they get the book, they're immediately convinced that they're dealing with an agency that's just head and shoulders above our competitors."

- Sam Sellers,

Home Helpers of Little Rock

You Can Create Your Book Without Writing a Word

Never Write a Book. Speak-to-Write It Instead.

“Writing a book” conjures the outdated picture of a business owner sitting at his desk, staring at a blank screen, frustrated because nothing comes to mind. How can you avoid this fate?

Simple: Speak your content instead of writing it. You can talk all day about your business. Guided by a skilled interviewer, you can answer one question after another, creating an entire chapter’s worth of content in an hour’s conversation.

I came up with this process after I wrote my first book the hard way—typing one word at a time. Now I tell people, “Never write a book. Speak-to-write it instead.”

You Can Speak Your Content. We Can Do Everything Else.

You’re a smart business owner, so you believe in delegation. You don’t feel the need to do everything yourself. You want a book, but you don’t want to Photoshop the cover or register the ISBN. You want a Superstar Book Team to work for you.

Meet Your Superstar Book Team

Message Development Specialist

The Message Development Specialist helps you figure out what your book should be about. This is someone to talk through your years of experience and draw out your unique perspective. Their goal is to uncover the message that’ll cut through the clutter and make people take notice. You can’t say everything you know in a single book (unless it’s the length of War and Peace). You need help identifying the message that’ll set you apart.

Outline Specialist

The Outline Specialist structures your message. DIY books are too often organized like, “I’m writing about this thing, and now I thought of another thing.” But there’s a clear logical organization to your ideas. You may not have articulated it, but it’s there. Getting the outline right enables you to lead the reader along a path from A to Z, to persuade them gradually throughout the course of the book. You need someone who has lots of experience taking business owners’ ideas and structuring them coherently.


The Interviewer extracts the genius from your head. You can talk all day about your business. You just need someone to guide you so that your best stories and nuggets of wisdom come out. A great interviewer makes their subject look good, because they’re skilled at highlighting their best stuff—even insights that the subject didn’t know they had. You don’t realize the value of some of your own thoughts. A skilled interviewer will notice, guide you to say more, and extract ideas that will make your readers go “wow.”


The Writer turns your spoken word into the written word. This writer will produce a first draft based on your words. Your manuscript will sound like you, because it’s based on your words—because it contains your stories and insights and message. Your book is you on paper.


Your writer is also your Reviewer who will interact with you about the book draft. The first draft is just that—a first draft. You’ll have thoughts and feedback when you see your ideas on paper. Some adjustments may need to be made—”oh, I didn’t realize I came across that way. Let’s change the tone.” Or you may have more ideas: “That reminds me of another story I forgot to tell.” You need someone to interact with you, collect your thoughts, and incorporate them into a second draft and beyond. You can share your feedback by whatever method is easiest for you—phone call, audio note, recording a screen-share video, scribbling notes on scrap paper. Your writer will do the rest.


Once you’re happy with the draft, you need another set of eyes to catch whatever you missed. In other words, you need a Copyeditor. The copyeditor goes line-by-line to check for clarity and flow. The copyeditor’s job is to ensure your message comes through clearly. They’ll suggest changes to remove potential stumbling blocks and make your book easier to read.

Cover Designer

Now that your words are set, you need a designer. Actually, you need two: a Cover Designer for the outside of your book, and an Interior Designer for the inside.

The Cover Designer figures out how to represent your book’s content on a cover that catches people’s attention and that they can process in just a few seconds. Because people do judge a book by its cover. The cover designer will dream up a few designs, and you’ll pick the one you like the best.

Interior Designer

Then the Interior Designer gets to work, borrowing design elements from the cover (like fonts and imagery) to work into the inside pages of your book. This delivers a cohesive and professional look/reading experience. Nothing says “this is a cheap self-published book” like an interior formatted in Microsoft Word with Times New Roman 12 point font. And nothing says “this is a real book” like a beautiful, easy-to-read interior with a professional font and distinctive design.


Your book is almost ready to be released into the world. The Proofreader catches those last lingering typos. You’ve stared at this book for too long, and so have the writer and the copyeditor. You can mis things that need to be caught before going to print (like the typo earlier in this sentence).

The proofreader’s job is to double and triple-check every word, every graphic, every border and margin. Probably no book has ever been published with absolutely zero errors. But the proofreader keeps the total close to zero instead of a hundred.


Now your book is ready to go out into the world. The Publisher handles nitty-gritty details like ISBNs and barcodes.

The publisher also adds a “seal of approval” with its publishing imprint—that’s like a brand name and logo for books. Look at the spine of a book near you: the name and logo near the bottom is the publishing imprint. It’s a subtle indicator that this is a real, credible book, not something you printed in your basement over the weekend.

The publisher manages distribution and uploading to Amazon in whatever formats you’ve chosen, from paperback and Kindle to hardcover and audiobook. The publisher also arranges for you to be able to order author copies at a significantly lower price (just a few dollars a book), so you can have copies on-hand to use for marketing or to distribute at seminars.


You might think that’s the end of the story. But it isn’t. You just enter a new phase. Now you need a Marketer. I choose that word carefully—you don’t just need a publicist, or a PR rep, or a promoter. You need someone who understands how a business owner can leverage a book to turn mildly-interested prospects into engaged leads who are eager to meet. You need someone who views a book as a powerful marketing tool.

You need a Marketer who can assess your business and report, “Here’s how your book makes all your current marketing efforts easier and more effective. Here’s a step-by-step guide that your team can follow. Here are quick wins and low-hanging fruit so that your book pays for itself within weeks of launch. Here’s how to get your book into the hands of interested prospects and referral partners.”

What would it be like to create your book with this Superstar Book Team?

You wouldn’t have to quarterback the whole process.

You wouldn’t be the general contractor on the project of constructing your book—ordering around dozens of subcontractors and making sure everyone’s doing their work on time.

You’d be more like a surgeon who walks into the operating room to find that everything has been precisely prepared for you. Your tools are in place, the patient is ready, the staff is beside you at your beck and call. All you have to do is the work you’ve been preparing your whole life to do.

With a Superstar Book Team, you just show up to a scheduled call every week and hear, “We’re picking up with chapter 3. Here’s my first question for you.” You talk for an hour, hang up, and go back to your business—knowing that hours more work are going on behind the scenes.

You stay mentally free to focus on your business, because the Superstar Book Team is focusing on your book.

When you crack open the first shipment of books to arrive at your office, you think to yourself, “That wasn’t so hard. I should have done this years ago.”

That’s what it’s like to create your profitable book with Paperback Expert.

"Michael and his team will exceed your expectations."

- Dr. John Terry,

Be A Black Belt Leader

"Writing a book is so much easier whenever you utilize Paperback Expert."

- Lee Welfel,

Eagle Bank

"I don't know if I would have ever been able to do this on my own—your company and team have made the process much easier."

- Trent Benedetti,

Benedetti & Associates

We'll Create Your Client-Attracting Book, Without You Writing, in Under 24 Hours of Your Time

The Process:

You'll Cross the 12 Milestones of the Profitable Book Pathway™


We Discover Your Compelling Message and Book Idea

You have a compelling message. We’ll help you discover it with our Brand Strategy Questionnaire™. We’ll deliver a Book Blueprint™ that lays out the plan for your book, so you feel confident about the direction we’re heading together.


We Connect You With an Expert Writer

You’re an expert at your business. Our writers are experts at creating books. We’ll match you up with a great writer who will help you get your message on paper.


The Writer Outlines Your Book with You

You and your writer will meet a few times to develop your book’s message into a detailed outline. When you look at the finished outline, you’ll see a series of chapters, each with many bullet points of stories you’ll share and points you’ll make. This clear roadmap instills confidence: “I know what I want to say about each of these. I really can create a book!”


The Writer Interviews You to Create Your Content

You and your writer will meet a handful of times to record your content. This is our Speak-to-Write™ process. You’ll produce roughly a chapter’s worth of content on each hour-long call. Before you know it, you’ll have spoken enough content for your entire book.


The Writer Drafts Your First Two Chapters

Shortly after the final content call, your writer will deliver the initial chapters of your book. This is our Two Chapter Check-In™. You’ll review the chapters and confirm that your book is on the right track. At this point, it’s easy for the writer to adjust tone or style if you find that something needs to be tweaked. Once you’re happy, the writer will continue drafting your book.


The Writer Drafts Your Full Manuscript

Your writer will deliver the remaining chapters of your book. You’ll review them and interact with your writer about revisions. You can request changes during a meeting, by commenting on the document, or by recording an audio note—whatever’s easiest for you. The writer will implement your revisions and produce a refined draft.


The Copyeditor Polishes Your Full Manuscript

Once you’re happy with your book’s content, we send the manuscript to a copyeditor. This fresh set of eyes will notice other ways to improve your book—mostly small changes to grammar and sentence structure. The copyeditor makes sure your message is coming through clearly.


The Cover Designer Creates a Stunning Cover

People do judge a book by its cover. So we’ll design a cover that’s worth judging. Some “designers” think cover design means choosing a generic stock photo and slapping the title on top. We don't. We’ll design a cover for your book that would look right at home on the New Releases table at Barnes & Noble.


The Interior Designer Matches the Cover

The look of your book’s inside pages can either make it easy for your readers to read your content, or else distract from it. The interior designer will design elements like fonts and styles from the cover. This creates a coherent reading experience.


We Launch Your Book to Bestseller

We’ll pick a day to promote your book to Amazon Bestseller status. We’ll offer your book at a special price for one day only, and promote it heavily to our audience by email and social media. We’ll tell you how to participate to drum up excitement in your audience. By the end of the launch, your book will be ranked as a bestseller in relevant categories—like “retirement planning” for a financial book, or “personal development” for a life coaching book.


Your Book Instantly Boosts Your Credibility

The moment you publish your book, everything changes. You now get introduced as, “the bestselling author of this book.” People see you as the expert, because experts have books. Your book gives you unquestioned authority and credibility.


Your Book Improves All Your Marketing

Whatever you’re doing in marketing, a book makes it better. Offer it on your website to collect leads’ contact information. Mail it out to prospects who respond to your radio or TV ads. Give extra copies to satisfied clients who’ll pass your book along to their friends. So many ideas! Don’t worry, we will create a custom Credibility Game Plan™ that tells you how to get a rapid ROI on your book with a minimum of effort.

All this can take under 24 hours of your time...

Most people who try to write a nonfiction book themselves report it takes them hundreds of hours. Your book will require many hours of work—but we’ll work most of them for you. Your highest and best contribution is the knowledge in your head that we’ll extract.

Your main contribution over the first few months is showing up for calls with your writer every week. Later, you’ll set aside a few chunks of time to review and approve the work we do. You’ll also meet with your writer to provide feedback and meet with our team to discuss your cover design. You’ll answer some questions, make some decisions, and approve your book to go to print. That’s it!

Start to finish, you can get a book in under 24 hours.

…and you can be finished in just 6 months.

The key to producing a book quickly is regular meetings and rapid improvement. If you can block out an hour on your calendar every week, you can get a book finished in six months. That weekly appointment is your Book Block™, and it’s just as sacred as a client meeting. If a personal or business emergency comes up and you need to tend to other things for a week or two, we understand. Once the crisis is past, we’ll help you get back on track.

We’ve published books in as little as 4 months. Others take 9 months or a year because clients move their book to the back burner for a time. We’ll work with you and your schedule to ensure your book moves along. All you need to do is dedicate an hour a week, most every week, for six months.

Many professionals believe they have enough material for a book in their heads, but getting it on to paper and organizing it is where Paperback Expert takes over. The interview feels like talking to an old friend. It couldn’t be easier. The time flew by and Michael and his team know what questions to ask to get you going.

Paperback Expert takes a couple of phone conversations and turns them into a coherent, organized book that you can use forever.

— Neil Crowley,

Brooks and Crowley

We'll Launch Your Book to Bestseller

Having a book is one level of credibility. Having a bestselling book is the next level. With our Guaranteed Bestseller Launch™ program, we'll promote your book to rank as a bestseller on the Amazon charts. And it won't be in the "underwater basket weaving" category, either—we'll drive sales to rank your book for relevant categories.

We do all the work. You sit back and watch. By the end of Launch Day, you'll be the author of a bestselling book.

Your Book Will Instantly Boost Your Credibility

You'll Stand Apart from the Crowd

Publishing a book moves you to a new category. People admire authors—and many aspire to write a book of their own. You’ll hear either “I’ve always thought about writing a book,” or else, “I could never write a book myself, but it’s great that you did.”

That’s why putting your expertise in a book can give you such a massive advantage. The moment you publish your book, everything changes. You are in a new category in the prospect’s mind. People see you differently.

You aren’t “just another service provider.” You’re “the one who wrote the book on it.” That’s a claim your competitors can’t match without putting in the hours of work to create a book themselves.

You'll Be Trusted More Quickly

Your book represents you and carries your message. In your book, you share yourself with prospects. As they read, they come to know you and trust you, because you share meaningful stories and cause them to think differently than they have before.

Think about a book you read years ago that’s had a significant impact on you. Got it? Now, how would you like to meet that person? Get them to sign your book? Hear their advice? Work with you to help you overcome an obstacle?

That idea is so attractive because you’ve come to know, like, and trust that person through their book. You don’t want to compare them to all the other alternatives. You know there’s no comparison.

You'll Attract Valuable Prospects

A book is a high-value lead magnet for high-value leads.

You can’t get droves of excited leads by offering a “free report.” Maybe it worked 5 years ago. But now, everyone knows that most “free reports” are 13 pages of random statistics and fluff thrown together in a pretty package, not worth the digital paper they aren’t printed on. At least they don’t kill any trees.

You work with HIGH-VALUE prospects. If you offer LOW-VALUE materials to engage them, there’s a disconnect. They won’t be interested. You’re making a HIGH-VALUE offer, on the scale of thousands (or tens of thousands) of dollars that you’re asking them to spend with you. You need a similarly HIGH-VALUE prospect engagement device.

A book is a uniquely high-value lead magnet. In our society, people value books. Even though many people read only a few books a year, nearly everyone has a shelf full of books. They may have acquired the books years ago, but they can’t throw them away—that’s sacrilegious. Prospects who ignore brochures and trinkets will jump at the chance to get your book.

Your Book Will Be Your Best Marketing Tool

We'll Show You How to Get Clients with Your Book

You’ll have a year of support with our Book ROI Coaching. Meet multiple times a month about how to use your book to grow your business. Led by Michael DeLon, with a peer group of recently-published authors and others still working on their books with us.

Recent coaching topics have included:

  • Lead Magnet Attraction System to get more website opt-ins with your book
  • Appointment Preconditioning Process to get prospects excited to work with you even before the first meeting
  • Recommendation Roadmap to connect with mavens and referral partners by letting your book pave the way

You'll Use Your Book To...

Get Understood

"When I'm meeting with new prospective clients, I always give them a copy of my book and say, 'You're going to learn more about me and our firm in this book than you're going to learn on the internet.' I bare my soul."

- Bob Whitley,

Whitley Law Firm

Persuade Then Meet

"My book has been a LIFE-CHANGER for me. Just yesterday, I met with 2 new sets of clients. They had already received my Safe Money Book in the mail and had read it prior to our meeting."

- Brad Pistole,

Trinity Insurance and Financial Solutions

Skip the Objections

"The book has been an effective credibility tool. People have been more willing just to say, 'okay, Dan, what should I do?'"

- Dan Sullivan,

Sullivan Retirement Resources

Get to "Yes" Faster

"People that have read my book say, 'I'm ready to do this.' You can almost see their demeanor change. And they get excited about the process of working with me."

- David Lukas,

Lukas Financial

Make Effortless Sales

"People sit down and say, 'I read your book. I really liked it. I trust you. I want to do what you suggested.” So we're in the appointment 5 minutes and we're taking applications."

- Philip Richardson,

The Richardson Group

Connect with New Partners

"We're meeting tomorrow with a business owner who wants to partner with us. We met him briefly and he bought our book. Now we're meeting with him, but he feels like he already knows us. The book opens doors for you."

- Socrate and Cassandra Exantus,

Critical Path Consulting

Get Referrals

"I got one of my recent clients specifically because I sent him a book and he liked reading it. Then he lent my book to this other couple. They became clients too."

- John Browning,

Guardian Rock Wealth

Reengage Your Audience

"The book is something that I can reengage back with my already existing database, with potential buyers."

- Dante Royster,

Epic Mortgage

Your Book Will Quickly Pay for Itself

What’s one good client worth to you? If it’s $5,000 or more, then getting your book to pay for itself is easy. All you need to do is offer your book to prospects who are somewhat interested. If just a few more tip off the fence and do business with you, your book has paid for itself.

You can get consistent results from your book with a few simple activities:

  • Keep giving out copies of your book.
  • Keep posting about it on social media.
  • Keep passing out copies at your seminars.
  • Keep offering it on your TV and radio ads.
  • Keep handing copies to happy clients who can refer their friends by saying, “here’s the book my guy wrote.”

Attracting clients with your book is not hard. If you give your ideal prospects the chance to get your book for cheap or for free, hands will go up in the air.

Your competitors will wonder why no one wants their brochures anymore. You’ll be laughing your way to the bank.

"I have more than made back my initial investment. It probably only took a single client to do that. The ROI on the book is off the charts, and will continue to show a return for years to come."

- Sam Sellers,

Home Helpers of Little Rock

"My book was easy to create and will have a positive ROI for the rest of my career."

- William Franchi,

Franchi Law

"This was by far the best thing that we've ever done. Well worth the expense. It's the best marketing money you could ever spend."

- Brad Pistole,

Trinity Insurance and Financial Solutions

You'll Double Your Investment. We Guarantee It.

Turning your book into money is not rocket science. It’s eminently achievable. All you need is a box of books and your custom Credibility Game Plan. We'll create the Plan with you. And we're so confident it will work that we introduced our...

Double Your Money Back Guarantee

Here's how it works:

If you create your book with us, and if you implement the Credibility Game Plan we create for you (asking for us help when needed), then you will double your book investment within two years of publication, or we'll give you all your money back.

I’ve never had anyone take me up on that guarantee because it works.

You probably won’t need two full years to double your investment, either. The current record is 31 days, after a client emailed her dormant prospects to ask, “Anybody want a copy of my new book?” She got 10 new clients. Her book paid for itself the first month it was out.

What has my book done for me? It has probably paid for itself 25 times over or more.

— David Lukas,

Lukas Financial

You Know You'd Get More Clients with a Book.

What Are You Going to Do About It?

You have a decision to make.

You’ve been thinking about writing a book for a while. People tell you “you should write a book.” You know the results a book would get for your business.

As a business owner, your calendar will never be blank except for “WRITE BOOK.” If you wait until “I have nothing else to do and it’s finally time to write my book,” that day will never come.

But you have experience making time for what’s most important. You know how to prioritize the marketing efforts that bring clients in the door. You dedicate time to the truly important rather than the merely urgent (as the late great Stephen Covey said).

You understand that investing in marketing is the best money you can spend, as long as you're confident in the ROI.

You like to stay in your zone of genius and partner with experts to handle the rest.

If that resonates with you, you’re a great candidate to become the next Paperback Expert.

It's been a game changer in my business. So I would highly recommend anybody going through the process.

— Jason Dyken,

Dyken Wealth Strategies

Your Next Step: Speak with Michael About Your Book Idea and Business Growth Potential

Your next step is to get clear on how a book could grow your business, and whether creating a book is right for you, right now.

To move forward...

  • You need to be confident that a high-value book would attract high-value prospects to you.
  • You need to see that there’s a clear ROI path you can achieve within weeks of publishing.
  • You need to feel that we’re a good fit, because we only work with people we like (and who like us in return).

If you're seeking that confirmation, schedule a call with Michael DeLon. Michael would be thrilled to discuss how a book could fit into your business, revolutionize your marketing, and position you as the expert in the eyes of your prospects.

"Outstanding, Easy, Impressive"

"Outstanding experience! They have assembled an outstanding team to create a compelling story around my brand. Highly recommended!"

- Ryan Weiss,

Effective Performance Solutions

"It was super easy and it was really good."

- Kevin Kepple,

Kepple Coaching

"People who read it are impressed. I just got a referral who became a client today. I sent her a copy of the book four days ago. She's on page 70."

- Joe Roseman,

Retirement Capital Planners

"Amazing, Amazing, Amazing"

"It's just been a really amazing experience all the way along."

- Alynn Godfroy,

Godfroy Financial

"Your staff is amazing. I can't thank you enough."

- Diane McWhorter,

Boynton Beach School of Music

"It's been an amazing experience."

- Cassandra Exantus,

All Country Property Management


Who owns my book? Who has the copyright?

You do. The copyright page will say “copyright ©YOUR NAME, published by Expert Press” (our publishing imprint). You retain all intellectual property rights. You’re hiring us to create your book with you, and then to publish and distribute it.

Who gets the royalties?

You do. You get 100% of royalties. Our model is to earn money with our professional book creation and publishing services, not with royalties. (For Amazon, royalties are roughly 40% of the list price for paperback and 70% of the list price for ebooks.)

You won’t get rich off of royalties. But you can get rich when people read your book and then decide to do business with you. The Rapid ROI Plan we provide is not about how to sell more individual copies of your book; it focuses on how to turn your book into money by getting books into the hands of your prospects who will then decide to do business with you.

How will I get printed copies of my book?

You can order author copies on-demand at a significantly reduced rate. Bulk discounts are also available.

What format will my book be? What versions are possible?

Paperback and Kindle are standard. We also offer hardcover and audiobook. Additionally, with our Podcast Your Book™ program we can easily turn your book into the first episodes of your own podcast.

How many pages will my book be?

Most of the books we publish are around 150 pages. Large enough to have “thump factor” and not be a pamphlet; small enough not to intimidate and to be easily consumable.

Who should write a book with Paperback Expert? Who shouldn’t? Do I qualify?

Paperback Expert creates business nonfiction books. You qualify to work with us if:

  • You're an expert at what you do and can talk all day about your business.
  • You've been running your business at least 3 years and have some momentum (not a new startup).
  • You understand the importance of marketing and regularly invest in it.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer monthly payment plans for our programs at no additional cost.

I only have a general book idea. I'm not sure what to write about. Can you help?

Does your book idea need some development? No problem. You'll start by working with Michael DeLon (Paperback Expert's founder) to discover your Brand Strategy.

Your Brand Strategy is the unique angle for your book. It's the positioning that sets you apart from everyone in your industry. You'll fill out our 8-question Brand Strategy Questionnaire, Michael will come up with big ideas—and before you know it, your book will have a direction.

Do I really have enough to say to fill an entire book?

Yes you do! You just need some help getting your ideas out of your head and onto paper. Thankfully, that's exactly what our writers are trained to do.

After we match you with a member of our professional writing staff, you'll meet with your writer for several Outline Calls. You'll share your ideas, and the writer will shape them. After just a few hours of conversation, you'll be presented with a full outline. This typically includes 8–10 chapters, with bullet point notes on the stories and teaching that will make up the content of each chapter.

I'm not a writer. Put me in front of a piece of paper and my mind goes blank. How does your process help?

In our Speak-to-Write™ process, you don't write your content. You speak it. Have you ever been interviewed? If so, you understand how a skilled interviewer can get insights out of you that you didn't even know you had!

During our dynamic Content Interviews, you'll find yourself recounting stories you had forgotten years before. You'll share your expertise with ease, just like you do when a client is sitting across the table. In just a handful of hourlong interviews, you'll speak enough content for a 125- to 150-page book.

We record and transcribe these interviews. Then your writer works from the transcripts to polish your spoken words into the written word. The writer does all the hard work—you simply review the chapters as they're completed and suggest occasional revisions. When completed, your manuscript will sound like you: It'll share your unique approach and your personal stories of helping clients succeed.

How do you design book covers? I don't want my book to look cheap or self-published.

Readers won't respect your book if the cover looks like a twelve-year-old drew it. That's why we work with professional designers who have worked with traditional publishing houses. You get the same level of outstanding quality at a fraction of the cost.

Your book's cover won't look goofy or amateurish. We take our design cues from the great business books of today and of yesteryear, so your book will look right at home on the shelf next to books by Jim Collins, Tony Robbins, and Simon Sinek.

Your book's inside pages will get the love they deserve, too. The interior formatting will echo the exterior cover design, making your book a harmonious whole. Your words will be presented in an attractive way that doesn't distract from their power.

How will people find my book?

Your book will be available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. You'll also receive a digital PDF edition that you can share through email or offer as a lead magnet download on your website. Best of all, you can order physical author copies on-demand for just a few dollars a book. Getting your message into the hands of all your prospects, clients, and referral partners has never been easier!

When your book launches, we can promote it to become an Amazon bestseller—guaranteed. We'll prepare marketing materials and advertise your book to the right audiences, so people flock to purchase it. By the end of Launch Day, you'll have earned the permanent authority status of bestselling author.

I want my book to grow my business. How will I make money with my book?

Becoming an author is all about credibility. Writing a book sets you apart from all your competitors—it effectively differentiates you in a crowded market. That's the first way your book will make you money: By giving prospects a strong reason to trust you as the expert.

Unless your name is Stephen King, you won't make a fortune by selling your book online. But you can absolutely make a fortune by giving your book away to interested prospects—who then become happy paying clients. You're the person who wrote the book on how to solve their problem! Who else would they choose?

We equip every client with a custom Credibility Game Plan, a roadmap for how to use your book in your marketing efforts. Do you host seminars? Give your book to attendees. Do you have a website? Offer your book as a free download to collect email addresses. Do you have referral partners? Ask them to pass your book along to ideal prospects. We'll discuss your current marketing efforts and determine how your book can take each of them to the next level. Becoming an author will help you gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow your revenue.

Do you use ChatGPT or AI to write your books?

NO. ChatGPT is garbage at writing books. AI is fine for brainstorming and adequate at short social media posts. But nothing good ever came from the prompt, "Hey ChatGPT, write me a book." AI cannot hold a coherent train of thought for longer than a few paragraphs. It's utterly unsuitable for writing chapters of nonfiction. Our writers do not use AI; we've explicitly banned it from our editorial process. Your book will be 100% human-powered.

P.S. Here's a Quick Summary

How It Works in 141 Words

“No time” is the #1 reason most people never get around to writing a book. And it’s the #1 problem we solve for people who create their book with us.


When you create a book with us, you SPEAK your content instead of writing it. Our team of professional writers interviews you, then polishes the transcript into a superb manuscript.
Then we DESIGN a cover you love, and format the book’s inside pages to match.


Finally we PUBLISH to Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. We can also PROMOTE your book to become a bestseller, and train you how to MARKET with your book to gain more clients, get more referrals, and grow your revenue.


The whole process takes 6–9 months. But it requires fewer than 24 hours of your time in total. All you have to do is speak.

Fast Facts


From "book idea" to "book in your hands," it takes just 6–9 months to write and publish your professional book.


We spend hundreds of hours working on your book. You spend just 24, mostly in conversation and approving our work.


We provide monthly payment plans with zero fees. Your book is a marketing investment, and it should fit in your marketing budget.


We guarantee that after two years of growing your business with your book (following the plan we provide), you'll double your investment, or your money back.

I’ve now had the book published for almost 6 months, and the return on investment is at least 300%–400%.

— Lee Welfel,

Eagle Bank

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