Grow Your Business with a Profitable Book that Attracts High-Value Prospects

A book elevates your credibility and wins clients. Let's create yours.

You can get a book in under 24 hours of your time, without writing a word. You speak, we write, you profit. Read the 12-page "Profitable Book Formula" guide to learn:

  • How you can prevent comparison by becoming your industry's “Babe Ruth trading card”
  • Why skeptical prospects ignore your marketing promises (and how to upgrade prospects' confidence in you)
  • How to "precondition" prospects so they show up to the first meeting saying, "I feel like I know you already"

Read The Profitable Book Formula to boost your credibility:

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The Profitable Book Formula

"What has my book done for me? It has probably paid for itself 25 times over or more in the last year."

- David Lukas,
David Lukas Financial

"The book has accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do—my business has grown drastically."

- Lee Welfel,
Eagle Bank

"People that I would not otherwise have done business with will consider me because of the book."

- Tim Piatchek,
Benefits Consultants

Why do successful business owners publish books? A book positions you as the expert.

The next step for successful entrepreneurs

If your business has some momentum, getting your book written is a natural next step. Experts have books, and people want to work with the expert. Publishing a book gives you instant credibility. Prospects will never again compare you to the guy down the street. They’ll recognize that you’re in a different category altogether.

Be seen as trustworthy

The credibility boost that a book provides is especially valuable for entrepreneurs in high-trust industries, including financial advisors, attorneys, real estate agents, tax resolution specialists, and CPAs. You will lose clients to your competitors if you fail to convince them you are credible.

Persuade prospects before you meet with them

Publishing a book means prospects get to know you in the low-pressure environment of their own home. They show up to meet you, already persuaded that you’re an expert who can solve their problem. Picture a sales appointment that begins, “I read such-and-such in your book. How can you help me do that?” That’s the powerful credibility you get from a book.

"The book has been an effective credibility tool. People have been more willing just to say 'okay, Dan, what should I do?'"

- Dan Sullivan,
Sullivan Retirement Resources

"It's the best marketing money you could ever spend. There's nothing that gives you the instant credibility of a well thought out book.”

- Brad Pistole,
Trinity Insurance and Financial Solutions

"Folks are immediately convinced when they get the book that they're dealing with an agency that's just head and shoulders above our competitors."

- Sam Sellers,
Home Helpers of Little Rock

A Book Is a High-Value Lead Magnet that Attracts High-Value Leads

You don’t have a lead problem.
You have a lead magnet problem.

Nobody wants a brochure or “free report” anymore. No one will believe you provide a valuable service if you trick them into opting in for worthless junk.

Do you charge thousands of dollars for your services? Then you need to give away a lead magnet that’s obviously valuable and worth your prospects’ time. A book has high perceived value and will interest your ideal prospects.

Tired of getting few leads because your lead magnet is bland? Change that with a book.

"People hold a lot of value in a book. It's different than a flyer or a business card."

- Mike Davidson,
Parkway Automotive

"I give books away in replacement of business cards. One of the best things you can do for credibility."

- William Waggoner,
Stoney Creek Advisors

"Instead of giving people a flimsy brochure, if you're giving them a book, it's a lot harder to just throw that in the garbage. And every time they look at it, hopefully they remember you."

- John Browning,
Guardian Rock Wealth

How Will Your Book Earn You Money?
A Book Supercharges Your Marketing

As a business owner, you won’t become rich by selling copies of your book for $15 each. But you can make a lot of money by getting your book into the hands of prospects who read it, decide they like you, and spend thousands of dollars on your services.

How does it work, exactly? Here are real-life stories of how a book has worked for our clients:

Reactivate Old Prospects

How many email addresses do you have of prospects who said they were interested, but never bought? Probably hundreds. You need a good reason to get back in touch. Imagine you’ve just published your book and have a box of copies sitting on your desk. You type out a quick email to the ones that got away:

“Hey, I just published my book. I’d love to give you a free copy. Are you interested? Just tell me where to mail it.”

Financial advisor Alynn Godfroy sent that email to her list of 800 inactive leads. The results: 80 people responded. 10 set appointments. Alynn closed enough business from that one email to pay for her book—“Now everything else is gravy.”

Capture Website Leads

Most businesses’ websites are terrible at capturing leads. The Contact Us page has a form to request more information, but who actually fills that out? Only people who are highly motivated and seriously interested. The others—casual visitors, those interested but not ready to commit—leave without a trace.

Fix your website’s lead capture with a book. Put an image of your book’s cover on your homepage with the offer, “Request a Free Preview of My Book’s First Chapter.” Collect names and emails. A few days later, send an automated follow-up email: “How did you like the first chapter of my book? Are you interested in learning more?” A simple message like that can produce conversations and appointments.

Consultant Ryan Weiss put his book on his website and started getting leads—even before his book was published!

Generate Referrals

Referrals are the easiest sales to close. Referred prospects trust the referrer’s endorsement, which gives you a head start. Your book can easily stimulate more referrals, since it’s natural for people to share a book they like with others.

Most clients never refer because it feels awkward and they don’t know how. You can make it simple: Hand two copies of your book to every satisfied client. Explain, “We’ve been glad to work with you. Here are two copies of my book for you to pass along to friends. If you need more, just let me know.”

Mortgage broker Lee Welfel’s book turned real estate agents into referral machines:

“I give my book to my realtor referral partners, and they hand it along to their clients. So people know exactly how the process is going to unfold before they come in and sit down with me. My business has grown drastically.”

Prompt Word of Mouth

Similarly, a book can spread by word of mouth in a way that a brochure never could. For example, financial advisor Michelle Bertram’s sister posted a simple photo of Michelle’s book on social media. Then:

“A friend of my friends saw the post. It must have caught her attention, being a retirement book. She bought it. Then a few days later she emailed and said, ‘I read your book. Would love to set up a time to talk to you.’

“She and her husband became clients after the second meeting. They wanted to implement the financial plan immediately with nearly $600,000 in investable assets. So far we’ve done $550,000 of business with them. They came in within six weeks of the book being out. That client was enough to pay for the book probably 2–3 times over.”

Get People to Respond

Most TV, radio, and online ads make boring offers. Prospects hesitate to share their information unless they’ll receive value in return. Offering your book can persuade people to raise their hand after watching anonymously for a long time.

For example, Brad Pistole is a financial advisor who hosts a weekly radio program. After we published his book Safe Money Matters, he changed his offer from “call in to learn more” to “call in to get a free copy of my book.”

Brad reports the results: “I’ve had this book for six years, going on seven. I work with about 100 clients a year. They all come to me either by referral, because they've read my book, or because they’ve listened to my show.

“I've handed out about 1,100 books. It would be easy to say that 300 of those people became clients. And so if you look at just what my numbers have been in total annuity and life production over the years, and multiply that out by how much commission that is, it would be 30 to 40 times more than what I spent on the book.”

How It Works:
Create Your Book Without Writing a Word


Speak Your Content

Our Speak-to-Write™ process is a series of structured interviews. We’ll prepare an outline and questions beforehand. You show up ready to talk about your business. All conversations are recorded and transcribed so your professional writer can craft a manuscript based on your words.

Learn How It Works


Approve Our Work

You’ll have opportunities to offer feedback, request changes, and approve our work at each milestone. Our team will write, edit, review, and proofread.


Pick Your Cover

Next, our design team will design a stunning cover. The inside pages will match the cover design, for a consistent reading experience. Your book won’t look like a self-published book, because it won’t be a self-published book. It will be professionally published under our Expert Press imprint.


Get Printed Copies

We’ll publish your book to Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions. (Hardcover and audiobook are also available.) You can purchase author copies on-demand at a significantly reduced price, to hand out to prospects and use in your marketing.


Get a Book Marketing Plan

You want a book because a book will grow your business. That’s why we create a Credibility Game Plan that describes how you can get a rapid ROI from your book. It takes into account the marketing you’re already doing, and identifies the quick wins that you and your team can do.


We Guarantee Your ROI

We don’t just say you’ll get results. We guarantee it. With our 2x ROI Guarantee, you’ll double your investment within two years, or your money back.

It's Easy to Speak Your Book...

"The Speak-to-Write process is great. It was so nice to be able to just talk and not think about what I wanted to write or go back and edit what I just said. I could just talk."

- Istvan Zsako,
Victory Mindset Now

"The process was great. I spoke my book into the writer's ear, he polished it, it was ready in fairly fast time, and I was able to review everything."

- Jesus Abikarram,
Freedom Tax Resolution

"The book interviews feel like talking to an old friend. It couldn’t be easier. The time flew by and Michael and his team know what questions to ask to get you going."

- Neil Crowley,
Brooks and Crowley

...And Your Book Will Sound Like You

"The thing I enjoy most about the book is it really sounds like me."

- Jed Kurzban,
Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli and Pratt

"I really like the voice. I like the tone. I think my writer captured me well. It's a friendly, down-to-earth tone."

- Julianna Malis,

Santa Barbara Estate Planning & Elder Law

"Every single person that has read the book and has heard me speak can hear my voice. It really is my voice that comes out of my book."

- Joe Roseman,

StayRetired Wealth Strategies

My First Book Saved My Business and Changed My Life

I started a marketing consulting firm after a decade at a nonprofit. Nobody wanted to hire me, because they didn’t think I was credible. It didn’t matter that I had worked in advertising before, or that I had been studying marketing on my own for years. They saw me as a “nonprofit guy,” not a marketing guy.

So I wrote and published my first book, On Marketing. Suddenly everyone wanted to meet with me. I mailed a copy of my book ahead of time. When I walked into the appointment, my book was lying on their desk—dog-eared, highlighted, and underlined. They opened the conversation by asking, “Michael, in your book you say this. How can you help me do that?”

I experienced the power of a book firsthand. I knew that other business owners who deserved to be seen as experts could be helped if they had a book. So I started Paperback Expert to help business owners create, publish, and profit from a book.

"The ROI on the book is off the charts, and will continue to show a return for years to come."

- Sam Sellers,
Home Helpers of Little Rock

"It's so much easier to close business now with my book. People usually start the conversation asking me questions about the book, like they're trying to sell themselves to me."

- Peter Marchiano,
Tax Resolution Specialists

"When I tell people I have written a book, they are very impressed and immediately identify that I must be an expert in my field."

- Russell McCloud,
Accurate Automotive Attention

Ready for a Conversation?

Schedule a Credibility Conversation to see if getting a book is your next best move.

"With all of the business I will do, just with this one lady, it will pay for the investment of the book. Everything else is gravy."

- Alynn Godfroy,
Godfroy Financial Group

"You made our book look great and the end result is really, really phenomenal.
Our book has landed us many speaking opportunities and we’ll be using it for years to come."

- Socrate and Cassandra Exantus,
Critical Path Consulting

"No doubt that writing a book that I can share with potential clients got me more work, better cases, and clients that I wanted to work with. Best marketing decision I ever made."

- Sean Olson,
Olson Law Firm

"I don't know if I would have ever been able to do this on my own—your company and team have made the process much easier."

- Trent Benedetti,
Benedetti & Associates

“My book allows me to differentiate myself. It was easy to create and will have a positive ROI for the rest of my career."

- William Franchi,

Franchi Law

"People hire lawyers they trust. That's one reason I've written so many books. Michael and his team make the process so easy. They do all the heavy lifting, organizing, and writing. Before you know it, you have a book.

- Ken Hardison,

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"I didn't think I had enough information to write a book. Michael and his team asked me questions that brought out my knowledge. I told them stories I'd never told anyone and those are what have made my book such a personal marketing tool."

- Glenn Honda,

Recovery Law Center

"Our book allows us to be seen as THE Truck Accident Authority in West Virginia and Ohio. People request our book, read it, and hire us. It's one of the best decisions we've ever made."

- Dino Colombo,
Colombo Law

"I wish that I had done this 10 years ago, 15 years ago. It was such a simple process."

- Diane McWhorter,
Boynton Beach School of Music