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How to Get Hard-to-Reach Prospects to Set an Appointment with You

“In her eyes, I've got just a mountain of credibility because of the book.”

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How Can You Get 100% ROI Weeks After Publishing?

Alynn Godfroy shares how a single client will pay for her book investment.

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How to 25X ROI This Year as a Published Author

“People from all over the country have contacted me.”

"A Prospect Bought My Book, Read it, then Called Me to Meet."

Tim Wood shares how his book is getting prospects
to call him for an appointment.

How can you differentiate yourself from others in your field while SAVING time?

Lee Welfel got 300% ROI in 6 months by persuading prospects through his book before he ever meets with them.

How Can Your Clients Help Educate Your Prospects?

"Every time we get someone that's interested in talking to me, they get a book. Because then they can see a little bit more about who I am."

How Can You be Viewed as Valuable in The Eyes of Your Audience?

Antonio Nava shares how one link to his book grabbed the attention of a BIG client.

How Quick Can You Become a Credible Expert?

Tony Smith shares how he became a credible expert with less than 24 hours of his time.

What is The Immediate Marketing Reward When You Become a Bestselling Author?

Jesus Abikarram shares how becoming a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author lowered the emotional barrier between new prospects, pushing them to hire him immediately.

How Can a Single Copy of Your Book Earn Your Multiple Clients?

Bestselling Author and Financial Expert John Browning shares how clients share his book leading to shorter sales cycles.

Think You're Too Busy to Reap the Benefits of Writing a Book?

Bob Norton shares how he wrote a book amidst the busyness of tax season. Fast forward to today, and he is basking in the many benefits of being a Bestselling author.

Could Your Future Book Improve and Retain Current Client Relationships?

Author and Music School Founder Diane McWhorter shares how the emotional journey of writing her book improved current client relationships.