Here Are Just a Few of Our Client Wins...

"What has my book done for me? It has probably paid for itself 25 times over or more in the last year."
– David Lukas, David Lukas Financial

"I didn’t write this book to become a New York Times bestseller. I wrote the book to help my marketing and build my business. The book has accomplished exactly what I wanted it to do—my business has grown drastically."
– Lee Welfel, Eagle Bank

David Lukas got 25x ROI in just 12 months
of marketing himself with his book:

Brad Pistole got 3 clients by handing out 1 copy of his book:

"The book has been an effective credibility tool. People have been more willing just to say 'okay, Dan, what should I do?' Rather than being 'Who are you? Blah blah blah blah.' We haven't even scratched the surface of the book."
– Dan Sullivan, Sullivan Retirement Resources

"I decided to snap a picture of the book, and then just posted it on my Facebook wall. One of my Facebook friends commented on it, and I replied back to her comment, and somehow one of her friends saw the post. It must have caught her attention, being a retirement book. Then a few days later she emailed and said, 'I read your book. Would love to set up a time to talk to you.' Next, she and her husband came in and met with us. They went through our normal process and became clients after the second meeting. So far we’ve done $550,000 of business with them. I think they came in within six weeks, tops, of the book being out. That was enough to pay for the book probably 2–3 times over."
– Bev and Michelle Bertram, Bertram Financial

Ryan Kimler earned his investment back after just 3 weeks in Michael's 8-week Credibility Marketing Mastermind...

Lee Welfel got 300% ROI in 6 months by persuading prospects through his book before he ever meets with them:

"The book has more than paid for itself! What a great idea that was!!"
– Cathu Sullivan, Sullivan Retirement Resources

John Browning got referrals and new clients with his book:

Kimberly Pohler recommends Michael's Credibility Marketing Mastermind to anyone struggling for clarity in business...

Jesus Abikarram gained credibility (and clients!) with his book:

"Most people bring the book in with them when we set an appointment after the seminar. It just gives you credibility. People that otherwise I would’ve not done business with will consider you because of the book. That will help you close more sales and bigger sales. I closed one of my biggest cases, a couple with over $400,000, and it was the book that pushed them over the edge."
– Tim Piatcheck, Benefits Consultants

"I was in the $10 million range for many years. Last year, we wrote $40 million. The book certainly helped us. Because people would come in after a seminar, sit down, and say, Listen, I read your book. I really liked it. I trust you. I want to do what you suggested. So we're in the appointment 5 minutes and taking applications. People used to never come back; that’s not happening anymore. Now they say, ‘Yes, yes, yes.’ We don’t get a lot of no’s anymore. I had a lady not too long ago who came and said, 'I've read your book, I really like you. Here’s a $975,000 Wells Fargo account, can you handle that for me?' It’s just unbelievable to be honest with you. It's hard to fathom."
– Philip Richardson, The Richardson Group

Diane McWhorter increases recurring revenue
by retaining clients with her book:

I wish that I had done this 10 years ago, 15 years ago. It was such a simple process. And it was such an inspiring process for me to see my life's story put into an amazing book. I've kept a lot of my clients because of the book.”
– Diane McWhorter, Boynton Beach School of Music

“So my book has been out for, like, two weeks. And I got a call last week from a lady—keep in mind, I'm in Oklahoma, I got a call from a lady in North Carolina. And she came across my book on Amazon and ordered it and read it, and absolutely loved it. And she called me wondering if I could help her. Who knows where that will go. But she's got a significant amount of assets. And in her eyes, I've got just a mountain of credibility because of the book.
– Derek Colton, Cornerstone Retirement Solutions

"Once we started working on my book, I realized: I have a story, and I want to share my story. But being an author is not my trade. So I don't have a lot of stuff written down. And once I was able to start working with you guys, it was actually great, because you guys were able to help pull a lot of that story out in conversation. It would have taken me so many different sitting down sessions, putting together bits and pieces. Whereas with you, it was just having a conversation that was a lot more natural."
– Istvan Zsako, Victory Mindset Now

Roz Kovel mails her book to warm leads in a gold envelope:

Jason Dyken lands more doctor and dentist clients
with his “game-changer” book:

“It wasn't near the 10-year process I had envisioned and was fearful of. It was great. It's been a game-changer in my business. I would highly recommend anyone going through the process.”
– Dr. Jason Dyken, Dyken Wealth Strategies

“I was doing all the marketing things that other mortgage loan officers were doing, and I saw this as a great way to differentiate myself. I published The Mortgage Book because I wanted to differentiate myself from other mortgage loan officers out there by getting my actual philosophies across to clients without having to meet with them in person. ... I’ve now had the book published for almost 6 months, and I think the return on investment is at least 300%–400%. Publishing this book has been one of the best marketing things I have ever done. It is differentiating myself from everybody else out there, and it is putting my business up at a whole new level. This book right here has been the absolute best marketing tool I have ever done in the six-and-a-half years that I have been a mortgage loan originator.”
– Lee Welfel, Eagle Bank

"A book is probably the kind of the least expensive way to consistently brand yourself and your business as being the place where experts reside. And I would say that it's been the single most effective, affordable way for me to brand myself as an expert in the automotive repair industry. It's much easier to convert a prospect to a client after they've read your book."
– Mike Davidson, Parkway Automotive

William Waggoner is known as the Financial Advisor Gardener within his community...

"Everybody loves my book. Everywhere I go, I hand the book out, because now I'm the Financial Advisor Gardener. Now it's my niche."
– William Waggoner, Stoney Creek Advisors

"When I tell people I have written a book, they are very impressed and immediately identify that I must be an expert in my field."
– Russell McCloud, Accurate Automotive Attention

"When the book arrived, we set up an event so that people could come and I could put a special note inside their book and hand it to them. I just love doing that! We had food, drinks, and fun. When I handed the book to someone it had an insert and I told them, 'If you think of someone after reading this who needs it, let us know and we’ll send them a copy! We’ll send it in your name and write a special note.' That’s what we’ve been doing and it’s been great. Even now, every time we get someone that’s interested in talking to me, they get a book. Because then they can see a little bit more about who I am."
Chris Everett, Everett Wealth Solutions

Steven Smit booked 4 appointments with 1 email using Michael's approach (after years of ineffective email marketing):

Colin Ryan learned to focus his message (and not confuse his prospects) in Michael's Credibility Marketing Mastermind…

Publishing Safe Money Matters "was by far the best thing that we've ever done. And, it costs a few bucks, but it's well worth the expense. Anybody that's on the fence about this, seriously, the only reason is if you’re still struggling and you don't have enough money to do it. Otherwise, it's the best marketing money you could ever spend. Hands down and I’ve bought a lot of systems over my days. But nothing that gives you the instant credibility of a well thought out book.
– Brad Pistole, Trinity Insurance and Financial Services

"I’d always wanted to write a book. You were professional and very helpful in helping me organize how I wanted to present my message. When the book was actually being written, there was a lot of give and take of you guys pushing me to make sure I’m saying what I want and how I want to say it. I would dictate my thoughts of what I wanted the book to say and then you guys captured that, typed it, and then sent it back to me to make corrections and changes I wanted. The book really is my words, how I wanted to express myself, and how I wanted to organize my thoughts in the book. I’ve sent out [books] to friends, family, other attorneys that I respect and want to talk to. The thing I enjoy most about the book is it really sounds like me.
– Jed Kurzban, Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli and Pratt

Tony Smith shortened his sales cycle
with his book about K-9 dog training…

“Publishing my own book was the best decision I ever made.”
– Tony Smith, Little Rock K-9 Academy

"It has absolutely been a game changer in my retirement book of business. I work a lot in the senior market with Medicare supplements, and credibility and trust is so vital in my line of business. I have many stories to share, but one that stands out the most would be when I finished up meeting with a prospect. After I handed him the book, immediately he saw my name and picture on the book and I said that I was part of a team that helps seniors like yourself learn about safety options. Well, there was a second appointment, and on the third appointment we moved over $548K."
– Laura Sturm, Senior Educational Advocates

"Folks are immediately convinced when they get the book that they're dealing with an agency that's just head and shoulders above our competitors. And that's the key, right there: You're positioning yourself head and shoulders above all your competitors, because in your market, how many of your competitors have their own book? No one has their own book. We specifically and strategically use the book to position ourselves as the experts in our market. The ROI on the book is off the charts, and will continue to show a return for years to come."
– Sam Sellers, Home Helpers of Little Rock

Steven Smit had an "a-ha moment" about personal marketing during Michael’s Credibility Marketing Mastermind…

“Multiple people who have read my book have become clients—that simply would not have happened. You can almost see their demeanor change, and they get excited about the process of working with me. … It’s powerful, and I can attest to that.”
– David Lukas, David Lukas Financial

"I always thought it would be more expensive than it was and the process would be more difficult. Michael and the Paperback Expert Team took care of everything. They simplified the entire process."
– Tony Smith, Arkansas K-9 Academy

"The book gives you credibility. Because not everybody takes the time and puts forth the effort to do it. And then you do it. And if you reach best-selling author status, that's another feather in your cap. Instead of giving people a flimsy brochure, if you're giving them a book, it's a lot harder to just throw that in the garbage. And every time they look at it, hopefully they remember you."
– John Browning, Guardian Rock Wealth

"It's so much easier to close business now with my book. People are like, "Wow". I always have a copy of it sitting on my conference room table. Many times when I walk into the conference room, I'll see the prospect reading it. They'll usually start the conversation asking me questions about the book. It's almost like they're trying to sell themselves to me to take them on rather than the other way around."
– Peter Marchiano, CPA

"You made our book look great and the end result is really, really phenomenal. Our book has landed us many speaking opportunities and we’ll be using it for years to come."
– Socrate and Cassanda Exantus, Critical Path Consulting

"I love your style and you seem to work ‘with’ people in an honest attempt to lift them up. I love your authenticity. It even comes through in your mass auto-responder email campaigns."
– Robert McBeath, McBeath Financial Group