Free proven recommendations! These are tools and software that we use every day at Paperback Expert to run a successful business. We hope they'll help you as well! And yes, those are affiliate links.



Want to get great video testimonials from your clients? VideoAsk makes it easy. You record short video prompts, then your clients reply with their testimonials.

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[Video Messaging]

Can't figure out how to say it in an email? Record a Loom instead! Use your webcam, or record your screen. Michael sends over 365 Loom videos a year. You've probably received one from him before!


[Client Gifting]

We love GiftHopper. Every month we send a customized gift box to our top clients and referral partners. Whenever we get a new client, we send them a GiftHopper. Whenever Michael hosts or guests on a podcast, he sends a GiftHopper. Delicious or practical gifts—what a way to stand out from the crowd!



Keap is an all-in-one business CRM. We use it for email marketing, marketing campaigns, taking payments, and much more.


[Zoom Add-On]

Tired of pesky background noise on your many Zoom calls? Get to help with that! It removes background noise so that you can have great meetings no matter where you are!



Paperback Expert runs on EOS. If you don't know what that is, you should read Traction by Gino Wickman. is software that helps businesses to run meetings, solve issues, and organize work the EOS way.


[Website Builder]

Building websites can be a pain. Leadpages makes organizing and styling your website a breeze! Their simple settings are easy for anyone to learn and implement. Try this out if you're tired of spending all your time trying to make your website work!


[Podcast Service]

Do you want to appear on podcasts? Do you want to find great guests for your own podcast? If you answered "Yes" to either of those, then PodMatch is for you! It's like the dating site but it matches you with ideal podcast guests and hosts instead! PodMatch is the quickest way for you to start appearing on more podcasts.

Great Assistant

[VA Hiring Firm]

Do you need a Great Assistant? A "mini-me" who will handle all the small tasks that are overwhelming your plate? Then this is the company for you! Paperback Expert hired Great Assistant to find an amazing virtual assistant for its COO, and he's thrilled with the top-caliber assistant they found. Tim Francis and his team are the experts at hiring North American assistants for North American small businesses.


[Credit Card Processor]

Are you losing money on every sale? You might be, if you're paying too much for credit card processing! Paperback Expert switched to BAMS a few years ago because their pricing is totally transparent and beats the industry "big dogs." Nobody likes parsing their merchant account statement. But if you give BAMS a few minutes, they could save you thousands every year. Watch Michael's video with BAMS to learn more.