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How can I use my book to gain clients?

How can I get my clients to refer me to their friends?

How do I make money with my book?

Do people even read books anymore?

What is the value of having a physical book?

Why do you say I should "never write a book"?

Why bother writing a book?

Do I have enough to say to create a book?

How does your "Speak-to-Write" process help me create my book?

Am I too young to write a book?

“Michael takes Book Publishing and Business Growth to a whole new level. He truly cares about the business first, then helps them create the right book for them... Then most importantly shows them HOW to leverage it for exposure, lead generation and referrals. If you are looking to create a 'weapon' not just a book I highly recommend a simple chat with Michael."

- Steve Brossman, founder of Expertise Empire

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How does it feel to be a #1 international bestselling author?

How did you find time to write a book?

How does putting your book in prospects' hands help your practice?

What is the process like to become a bestselling author?

How are you using your book in your practice?

How has publishing a book boosted your credibility?

How does it feel to be a #1 bestselling author?

How does your book generate appointments?

What was the process like to write your book?

What was business like before your book vs. now?

What would you tell a business owner thinking about writing a book?

With so many marketing options, why choose to write a book?

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