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Do people tell you that you should write a book?

Then Experts Speak is the podcast for you!

Michael DeLon loves to promote people who have a compelling message and a unique story.

  • As president of Paperback Expert, he helps founders, owners, and CEOs publish their expertise in the pages of their own book.
  • As host of the Experts Speak podcast, he interviews aspiring authors about their journey thus far, the wisdom they’ve acquired along the way, and the exciting future they envision.

If that sounds like you, apply below to be a guest on Experts Speak!

➡️ Yes, we are looking for podcast guests, and we want to share your story.

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Guest Requirements (please read)

You might be an ideal guest for Experts Speak if...

  • You are the owner, founder, and/or CEO of your own business
  • You are experiencing significant momentum in your business with revenue of at least $100,000 annually (we'll discuss how you got this far + where you want to take your business next)
  • You sell professional services (you're a lawyer, realtor, CPA, independent financial advisor, coach, consultant, doctor, dentist, estate planning attorney, etc.)
  • You're "mission-driven," in business for a bigger purpose than solely making money (though making money is good). You live everyday to provide for your family, or support a charity, or leave a legacy for the next generation
  • You offer high-value (and often high-ticket) products or services
  • You sell by consultation, and must cultivate high levels of trust before people buy

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Experts Speak is for aspiring authors. If you have already written a book, then congratulations, but this podcast isn’t for you. Our mission is to promote people's as-yet-untold stories.

After you submit your info, our team will review your application.

If you're accepted, I will send you some preparation videos to help you connect with my audience, gain some great exposure, and make this interview the best it can be!