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Our Speak-to-Write process eliminates the hassles of writing a book. Through a few relaxed conversations with one of our writers, you’ll effortlessly create your book content in under 24 hours of your time. We’ll do everything else to complete and publish your book for you. 

Now you can be an author even if you don’t know the first thing about writing. 


Everyone wants to be an author, but nobody wants to write a book. Let's face it—writing a book is an arduous task. 

And even though you have a magnificent message to communicate, the frustration you'll encounter, the time you'll invest, and the sleep you'll lose trying to write your book just isn't worth it. 

You have more important things to accomplish. That’s precisely why busy professionals love our process.

Too often people come to us after trying their hand at writing their own book. They share with me the hurdles they faced:

  • Staring at a blank screen wondering what to write about
  • Constantly backspacing to correct what they just wrote
  • Not finding a storyline that ties everything together
  • Never having enough time to "get in the zone" without becoming distracted

These and a hundred others will stop you from writing a book. That's why I tell people, 

"You should never write a book. 
You should Speak-to-Write your book!"

"I didn't think I had enough information to write a book. Michael and his team asked me questions that brought out my knowledge. I told them stories I'd never told anyone and those are what have made my book such a personal marketing tool." 

Attorney Glenn Honda - Recovery Law Center, Hawaii

When you follow our Speak-to-Write process, your book will be completed in under 24 hours of your time. Then we'll promote you to become an Amazon Bestselling Author, secure your Media Credentials, and produce Your Own Podcast

This is a permanent Credibility Upgrade. You'll use it for the rest of your
career to attract ideal prospects, gain more clients, and grow your business.

“My book has done exactly what I wanted it to do. My business has grown drastically.”

Lee Welfel - Author of The Mortgage Book

“My book is my silent salesperson that can sell me better than I could ever sell myself.

You made the process so simple. I could never have done this without your help organizing my thoughts, talking through my chapters, and creating such a beautiful looking book. It was a seamless, incredible experience with your company. Thank you!”

Phil Herman - #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of The Phil Herman Method and Dayton, Ohio’s Top Realtor

Isn’t it time for you to change your business and your life by writing your book? 
(without writing, of course)

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“It’s paid for itself probably 25 times since I wrote it. That was more than 5 years ago and I still use my book today. It’s a central part of my marketing message and sets me apart like nothing else I have done." 

David Lukas - Author of 
Whose Future Are You Financing?

“My book allows me to differentiate myself by using my baseball background to connect to the sports teams in my community. It was easy to create and will have a positive ROI for the rest of my career."

William Franchi - Author of 
When Life Throws You A Curveball

People Hire Business Owners with Credibility

"You connected my passion of being a football referee with my passion for home inspections. I would never have made that happen without you. Now I have a unique brand that separates me from everyone else."

Chris Perry - Home Inspector and Author of 
The Official Guide to Home Inspections

“When we finally got to the title of the book, we all felt amazing. I tested it with a live audience and they loved it and 'got it'. 

You made our book look great and the end result is really, really phenomenal. 

Our book has landed us many speaking opportunities and we’ll be using it for years to come."

Socrate and Cassandra Exantus - Authors of
Find Your Hedgehog and STOP Working 

Media Credentials Validate Your Credibility

"A book is the greatest business card you can have. It communicates your message powerfully and will NEVER be thrown away."

Harlan Schillinger - Marketing Expert and Author of How to Convert Callers into Clients

"When I'm meeting with new prospective clients, I always give them a copy of my book. 

Let's say they're still shopping when they leave, I will give them a copy of the book and say: 'You're going to learn more about me and our firm in this book than you're going to learn on the internet, on our website, or really talking to anybody because the book just tells you all about me. I bare my soul.' "

Bob Whitley - Author of Attorney on Call

Your Credibility Expands with Your Own Podcast 

Author and Social Media Marketing Expert Brian Hahn uses his podcast to take a deep dive into the content in his book. 

His listeners connect with him on a more emotional level and come to know him as a trusted advisor.


“I can’t afford this” - Your greatest asset is your ability to generate revenue for your business and your family. Growing your business requires an investment. Most marketing is consumable and you have to continue pouring money into it. Your book is a one-time investment that will pay handsome dividends for the rest of your career. 

“I don’t have the time” - You will always have more to do than hours to do them in. We make time for what’s important. The choice you need to make is to decide what’s important, what will move you forward, and what you will be busy doing. If you don’t take action on this now, you most likely never will. Time will pass by. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

“I don’t know what to say” - Our writers will ask you questions and you’ll simply answer them, just like you do every day. You have everything you need in your head. Our job is to get it out of you and craft it into your book. 

“People don’t read books anymore” - If this were true, Amazon would get out of the book business. The reality is that people do read books (and magazines, newspapers, etc) on subjects they have an interest in. 

You’re not creating your book to sell copies. You’re creating a marketing masterpiece to establish your credibility, educate your audience, and grow your business.

“What if it doesn’t work?” - Then one of us hasn’t done our job. We’ll back you up with our 200% ROI GUARANTEE. You have absolutely no risk when you follow our guidance. But if you plan to publish your book and let it sit on your bookshelf, then this isn’t the right thing for you to do. 

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